picture of 2019 Eastern Classic

Completed, Aug 2-3, 2019

Watch both nights of the DCI Eastern Classic LIVE on FloMarching starting at 6:30 PM ET on Friday, August 2. Due to copyright law, this event is only available for streaming within the US. Split into two nights, Allentown is a MUST-SEE stop on the DCI Summer Tour. The home of The Cadets, Allentown is the perfect venue to feature the final "regional" of the DCI 2019 season. Night one holds the top 3 Bluecoats, Blue Devils, and Santa Clara Vanguard (and many more). Night two is bound to hold some excitement as well with Carolina Crown, Boston Crusaders, The Cavaliers, The Cadets, Mandarins and a few more performing on Saturday night.

Bluecoats win over the Blue Devils on the first night of the 2019 DCI Eastern Classic. Check out the scores.

2019 DCI Eastern Classic - Night 1, August 2

2Blue Devils94.950
3Santa Clara Vanguard93.588
4Blue Knights88.100
5Blue Stars88.025
6The Academy82.150
7Madison Scouts79.375
10Music City74.450
Open Class


2019 DCI Eastern Classic - Night 2, August 3

1Carolina Crown93.638
2The Cavaliers92.650
3Boston Crusaders91.975
4The Cadets87.875
7Phantom Regiment85.900
8Spirit of Atlanta84.600
10Pacific Crest82.575
11Jersey Surf76.625
12Seattle Cascades71.950