picture of 2019 NightBEAT

Completed , Jul 28, 2019

Watch NightBEAT LIVE on FloMarching starting at 6 PM ET on Sunday, July 28. Due to copyright law, this event is only available for streaming within the US. Carolina Crown performs close to home at Wake Forest University with a line-up full of finalists from 2018, plus Spirit of Atlanta who's right on the edge of making finals for the first time since 2013.

Check out the scores from NightBEAT on July 28 in Winston-Salem, NC.

2019 NightBEAT

1Blue Devils94.150
3Santa Clara Vanguard93.400
4Carolina Crown91.575
5The Cavaliers91.400
6Boston Crusaders90.275
7Blue Knights87.825
8Blue Stars86.850
9The Cadets86.650
10Phantom Regiment84.425
11Spirit of Atlanta83.000