picture of 2019 DCI Memphis

Completed, Jul 14, 2019

Watch 2019 DCI Memphis live on FloMarching on July 13th! Due to copyright law, this event is only available for streaming within the US. Three shows, one night—you can watch Drums Along the Rockies, TOC - Northern Illinois, and DCI Memphis all on the same night—July 13. DCI Memphis will host 7 corps including the headliners of the night: Boston Crusaders, Carolina Crown, and Santa Clara Vanguard—all in one place!

See the scores from DCI Memphis at the Liberty Bowl. SCV, Carolina Crown, and Boston Crusaders all in one place.

2019 DCI Memphis

1Santa Clara Vanguard87.200
2Carolina Crown86.400
3Boston Crusaders85.550
4Spirit of Atlanta77.400
5Music City70.000
6Jersey Surf66.650
Open Class