Pulse: The Uninvited

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Pulse: The Uninvited

Jun 2, 2017

Follow the performers and staff of the 3-time WGI World Class World Champion Pulse Percussion as they perform at the 2017 WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

Pulse Percussion's 2017 program, "The Uninvited" centers around a young family of three after they move into an old home that's haunted by tormented spirits. Watch the cast bring these spirits to life and terrorize the new tenants — all the while, you'll be wondering: Who exactly is "The Uninvited"?

"The Uninvited" gives never-before-seen rehearsal footage, interviews with the cast, travel behind-the-scenes, and a walk onto the floor at Dayton arena to a thunderous crowd. This one will keep you up at night!