picture of 2023 REBROADCAST: WGI Percussion/Winds World Championships

Apr 21-24

Here's how to watch the 2023 REBROADCAST: WGI Percussion/Winds World Championships broadcast on FloMarching. The 2023 REBROADCAST: WGI Percussion/Winds World Championships broadcast starts on Apr 21, 2023 and runs until Apr 24, 2023. Stream or cast from your desktop, mobile or TV. Now available on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and Apple TV.

REBROADCAST (April 23) - University of Dayton Arena

PSO, PIO, PSW & PIW Finals

Franklin Community HSPSO12:35pm
Hernando HSPSO12:45pm
Pace HSPSO12:55pm
Ninety Six HSPSO1:05pm
Decatur Central HSPSO1:15pm
Ravenwood HSPSO1:25pm
Plainfield HSPSO1:35pm
Kamiak HSPSO1:45pm
Kettering Fairmont HSPSO2:05pm
Greenfield-Central HSPSO2:15pm
Zionsville Community HSPSO2:25pm
Victor J. Andrew HSPSO2:35pm
Brownsburg HSPSO2:45pm
Union HSPSO2:55pm
Clover HSPSO3:05pm
Matrix OpenPIO3:25pm
Motor City PercussionPIO3:35pm
Crossroads PercussionPIO3:45pm
Cap City 2PIO3:55pm
Resistance Indoor PercussionPIO4:05pm
Paradigm PercussionPIO4:15pm
Vision PercussionPIO4:25pm
United Percussion 2PIO4:35pm
Spartans Indoor PercussionPIO4:55pm
Bakersfield CollegePIO5:05pm
Civitas IndependentPIO5:25pm
Freedom PercussionPIO5:35pm
IMPACT PercussionPIO5:45pm
Open Class Finale
Petal HSPSW8:35pm
Franklin Central HSPSW8:46pm
Burleson Centennial HSPSW8:57pm
Boswell HSPSW9:08pm
Sparkman HSPSW9:19pm
Arcadia HSPSW9:30pm
Clear Brook HSPSW9:41pm
Broken Arrow HSPSW9:52pm
Cy-Fair HSPSW10:20pm
Center Grove HSPSW10:31pm
Dartmouth HSPSW10:42pm
Vista Murrieta HSPSW10:53pm
Avon HSPSW11:04pm
Ayala HSPSW11:15pm
Chino Hills HSPSW11:26pm
Cap City PercussionPIW11:50pm
Vigilantes Indoor PercussionPIW12:01am
Atlanta QuestPIW12:12am
POW PercussionPIW12:34am
Monarch IndependentPIW12:45am
George Mason UniversityPIW12:56am
United PercussionPIW1:07am
Music City MystiquePIW1:57am
Broken CityPIW2:08am
Rhythm XPIW2:19am
Pulse PercussionPIW2:41am
World Class Finale
11:30 PM

REBROADCAST (April 23) - Wright State University's Nutter Center

Winds Prelims

Sequoyah HSWSA9:30am
Valley Christian HSWSA9:39am
Elk River Combined SchoolsWSA9:48am
Papillion-La Vista South HSWSA9:57am
Kent City HSWSA10:06am
Bellevue East HSWSA10:15am
Carlisle HSWSA10:24am
Brandon HSWSA10:33am
Bob Jones HSWSA10:55am
Wright City HSWSA11:04am
Father Ryan HSWSA11:13am
Bellevue West HSWSA11:22am
Pamlico WindsWIA11:31am
Eva Independent WindsWIA11:40am
Westerville WindsWIA11:49am
Empyrean WindsWIA11:58am
Vortex Indoor WindsWIA12:07pm
Etherial WindsWIA12:16pm
Dartmouth HSWSO1:20pm
John Hardin HSWSO1:30pm
Mt. Juliet HSWSO1:40pm
Corinth Holders HSWSO1:50pm
Daviess County HSWSO2:00pm
Robert Vela HSWSO2:10pm
Miamisburg HSWSO2:20pm
Westfield HSWSO2:30pm
Evidence Winds from William Carey UniversityWIO3:05pm
MBI WindsWIO3:15pm
Chromium WindsWIO3:25pm
LSM WindsWIO3:35pm
Valhalla WindsWIO3:45pm
Lake Hamilton HSWSW4:10pm
Cleveland HSWSW4:21pm
Greenfield Central HSWSW4:32pm
Avon HSWSW4:43pm
UTRGV WindsWIW4:54pm
Elevate WindsWIW5:05pm
STRYKE WyndsWIW5:16pm
Horizon WindsWIW5:38pm

REBROADCAST (April 24) - University of Dayton Arena

Winds Finals

Carlisle HSWSA9:30 AM
Elk River Combined SchoolsWSA9:39 AM
Kent City HSWSA9:48 AM
Brandon HSWSA9:57 AM
Bob Jones HSWSA10:06 AM
Papillion-La Vista South HSWSA10:15 AM
Father Ryan HSWSA10:24 AM
Valley Christian HSWSA10:33 AM
Bellevue West HSWSA10:42 AM
10:51 AM
Empyrean WindsWIA11:14 AM
Westerville WindsWIA11:23 AM
Ethereal WindsWIA11:32 AM
Eva Independent WindsWIA11:41 AM
Vortex WindsWIA11:50 AM
11:59 AM
Mt. Juliet HSWSO12:10 PM
Robert Vela HSWSO12:20 PM
Daviess County HSWSO12:30 PM
Dartmouth HSWSO12:40 PM
Miamisburg HSWSO12:50 PM
Westfield HSWSO1:00 PM
1:10 PM
QuixoticWIO1:20 PM
Evidence Winds from William Carey UniversityWIO1:30 PM
MBI WindsWIO1:40 PM
Valhalla WindsWIO1:50 PM
Chromium WindsWIO2:00 PM
LSM WindsWIO2:10 PM
2:20 PM
Lake Hamilton HSWSW2:30 PM
Greenfield Central HSWSW2:41 PM
Cleveland HSWSW2:52 PM
Avon HSWSW3:03 PM
3:14 PM
LegacyWIW3:20 PM
Elevate WindsWIW3:31 PM
Horizon WindsWIW3:42 PM
Winds Finale
4:30 PM

REBROADCAST (April 22) - University of Dayton Arena

PSW & PIW Semis

Milton HSPSW9:00 AM
Brandon Valley HSPSW9:11 AM
Petal HSPSW9:22 AM
Old Bridge HSPSW9:33 AM
Burleson Centennial HSPSW9:44 AM
Boswell HSPSW9:55 AM
Walled Lake Consolidated SchoolsPSW10:06 AM
10:17 AM
Franklin Central HSPSW10:25 AM
Clovis HSPSW10:36 AM
Sparkman HSPSW10:47 AM
Clear Brook HSPSW10:58 AM
Arcadia HSPSW11:09 AM
Cy-Fair HSPSW11:20 AM
Broken Arrow HSPSW11:31 AM
11:42 AM
Center Grove HSPSW11:50 AM
Dartmouth HSPSW12:01 PM
Vista Murrieta HSPSW12:12 PM
Avon HSPSW12:53 PM
Ayala HSPSW1:04 PM
Chino HillsPSW1:15 PM
1:26 PM
Dark SkyPIW1:40 PM
Red Wave IndoorPIW1:51 PM
MBI Indoor PercussionPIW2:02 PM
Blue KnightsPIW2:13 PM
Infinity 2PIW2:24 PM
Vigilantes Indoor PercussionPIW2:35 PM
Cap City PercussionPIW2:46 PM
2:57 PM
Atlanta QuestPIW3:05 PM
ConneXusPIW3:16 PM
Monarch IndependentPIW3:27 PM
POW PercussionPIW4:20 PM
George Mason UniversityPIW4:31 PM
United PercussionPIW4:42 PM
MatrixPIW4:53 PM
5:04 PM
InfinityPIW5:12 PM
Music City MystiquePIW5:23 PM
Broken CityPIW5:34 PM
Rhythm XPIW5:56 PM
Pulse PercussionPIW6:07 PM
6:18 PM

PSA & PIA Finals

ShockwavePIA6:32 PM
Groove PursuitPIA6:41 PM
Kannapolis IndependentPIA6:50 PM
Quad City PercussionPIA6:59 PM
Fruitport Independent PercussionPIA7:08 PM
St. Ambrose University Indoor PercussionPIA7:17 PM
Pi Percussion Inc.PIA7:26 PM
7:35 PM
Crystal Lake ThunderPIA7:42 PM
Vortex PercussionPIA7:51 PM
Huron Valley PercussionPIA8:00 PM
RevelationPIA8:09 PM
Charles Towne PercussionPIA8:18 PM
North Star IndependentPIA8:27 PM
St. Martin IndependentPIA8:36 PM
Modulation ZPIA8:45 PM
8:54 PM
Elk River Combined SchoolsPSA9:07 PM
Plainfield Combined SchoolPSA9:16 PM
North Forsyth HSPSA9:25 PM
Oak Ridge HSPSA9:34 PM
Warren Central HSPSA9:43 PM
Gulf Breeze HSPSA9:52 PM
Unionville HSPSA10:01 PM
10:10 PM
Everett HSPSA10:17 PM
Oak Grove HS PSA10:26 PM
Hempfield HSPSA10:35 PM
Longmont Combined SchoolsPSA10:44 PM
Noblesville HSPSA10:53 PM
Vandebilt Catholic HSPSA11:02 PM
Beavercreek HSPSA11:11 PM
Irondale Combined SchoolsPSA11:20 PM
A Class Finale
11:40 PM

REBROADCAST (April 22) - Nutter Center

PSA & PIA Semifinals, Concert Finals

Minooka Community HSPSA - Round 19:30 AM
Dakota Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 19:39 AM
Grand Blanc HSPSA - Round 19:48 AM
Elk River Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 19:57 AM
Kings HSPSA - Round 110:06 AM
Cab Calloway Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 110:15 AM
10:24 AM
Plainfield Combined SchoolPSA - Round 110:30 AM
Everett HSPSA - Round 110:39 AM
Unionville HSPSA - Round 110:48 AM
Longmont Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 110:57 AM
Vandebilt Catholic HSPSA - Round 111:06 AM
Irondale Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 111:15 AM
11:24 AM
Westfield HSPSA - Round 212:50 PM
Sycamore HSPSA - Round 212:59 PM
Mililani HSPSA - Round 21:08 PM
Bellevue Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 21:17 PM
North Forsyth HSPSA - Round 21:26 PM
Warren Central HSPSA - Round 21:35 PM
1:44 PM
Oak Ridge HSPSA - Round 21:50 PM
Gulf Breeze HSPSA - Round 21:59 PM
Oak Grove HS (MS)PSA - Round 22:08 PM
Noblesville HSPSA - Round 22:17 PM
Hempfield HSPSA - Round 22:26 PM
Beavercreek HSPSA - Round 22:35 PM
2:44 PM
West Clermont HSPSCA5:00 PM
Newnan HSPSCA5:09 PM
East Central HSPSCA5:18 PM
Warren East HSPSCA5:27 PM
5:36 PM
Powhatan HSPSCO5:50 PM
Desoto Central HSPSCO6:00 PM
Grassfield HSPSCO6:10 PM
Penn-Trafford HSPSCO6:20 PM
Cleveland HSPSCO6:30 PM
6:40 PM
Tunstall HSPSCW6:55 PM
Corinth Holder HSPSCW7:06 PM
Ayala HSPSCW7:17 PM
Catawba Ridge HSPSCW7:28 PM
Fishers HSPSCW7:39 PM
Concert Finale
8:15 PM

REBROADCAST (April 22) - Truist Arena

PSO & PIO Semifinals

Stoneman Douglas HSPSO - Round 19:00 AM
Milford HS (OH)PSO - Round 19:10 AM
Gulfport HSPSO - Round 19:20 AM
Franklin Community HSPSO - Round 19:30 AM
Foothill HS (NV)PSO - Round 19:40 AM
Hernando HSPSO - Round 19:50 AM
10:00 AM
Decatur Central HSPSO - Round 110:05 AM
Kettering Fairmont HSPSO - Round 110:15 AM
Kamiak HSPSO - Round 110:25 AM
Victor J. Andrew HSPSO - Round 110:35 AM
Union HSPSO - Round 110:45 AM
Brownsburg HSPSO - Round 110:55 AM
11:05 AM
Pearl HSPSO - Round  211:25 AM
Bellbrook HSPSO - Round 211:35 AM
Norwalk Combined SchoolsPSO - Round 211:45 AM
Powhatan HSPSO - Round 211:55 AM
Northview HSPSO - Round  212:05 PM
Pace HSPSO - Round 212:15 PM
Break 12:25 PM
Ninety Six HSPSO - Round 212:30 PM
Ravenwood HSPSO - Round 212:40 PM
Plainfield HSPSO - Round 212:50 PM
Zionsville Community HSPSO - Round 21:00 PM
Greenfield-Central HSPSO - Round 21:10 PM
Clover HSPSO - Round 21:20 PM
1:30 PM
M3PIO1:40 PM
Sun City IndependentPIO1:50 PM
Gold Spike PercussionPIO2:00 PM
Breakthrough Indoor PercussionPIO2:10 PM
2:30 PM
Matrix OpenPIO2:45 PM
Cap City 2PIO2:55 PM
Motor City PercussionPIO3:05 PM
Crossroads PercussionPIO3:15 PM
3:25 PM
Paradigm PercussionPIO3:40 PM
United Percussion 2PIO3:50 PM
Vision PercussionPIO4:00 PM
Bakersfield CollegePIO4:10 PM
Civitas IndependentPIO4:20 PM
4:30 PM
Spartans Indoor PercussionPIO5:00 PM
Q2PIO5:10 PM
Freedom PercussionPIO5:20 PM
IMPACT PercussionPIO5:30 PM
MerakiPIO5:40 PM

REBROADCAST (April 21) - University of Dayton Arena

PSW & PIW Prelims

Fishers HSPSW - Round 19:11am
Walled Lake Consolidated SchoolsPSW - Round 19:22am
Avon HSPSW - Round 19:33am
Burleson Centennial HSPSW - Round 19:44am
Centerville HSPSW - Round 19:55am
Homestead HSPSW - Round 110:27am
South County HSPSW - Round 110:38am
Cy-Fair HSPSW - Round 110:49am
Dartmouth HSPSW - Round 111:00am
Sparkman HSPSW - Round 111:11am
Boswell HSPSW - Round 111:22am
Milton HSPSW - Round 111:33am
Dorman HSPSW - Round 111:44am
Great Oak HSPSW - Round 111:55am
Papillion-La Vista South PSW - Round 212:35pm
Ayala HSPSW - Round 212:46pm
Clovis HSPSW - Round 212:57pm
Franklin Central HSPSW - Round 21:08pm
Old Bridge HSPSW - Round 21:19pm
Fair Lawn HSPSW - Round 21:30pm
Arcadia HSPSW - Round 21:41pm
Brandon Valley HSPSW - Round 2
Petal HSPSW - Round 22:13pm
Chino Hills HSPSW - Round 22:24pm
Broken Arrow HSPSW - Round 22:35pm
Center Grove HSPSW - Round 22:46pm
Vista Murrieta HSPSW - Round 22:57pm
Clear Brook HSPSW - Round 23:08pm
Rise PercussionPIW - Round 13:30pm
Monarch IndependentPIW - Round 13:41pm
VeritasPIW - Round 13:52pm
Rhythmic Force PercussionPIW - Round 14:03pm
Infinity 2PIW - Round 14:14pm
ThesisPIW - Round 14:25pm
Dark SkyPIW - Round 14:36pm
Atlanta QuestPIW - Round 14:57pm
MatrixPIW - Round 15:08pm
United PercussionPIW - Round 15:19pm
RCCPIW - Round 15:30pm
STRYKE PercussionPIW - Round 15:41pm
Red Wave IndoorPIW - Round 15:52pm
Music City MystiquePIW - Round 16:03pm
POW PercussionPIW - Round 16:14pm
VIgilantes Indoor PercussionPIW - Round 27:10pm
Cap City PercussionPIW - Round 27:21pm
RedlinePIW - Round 27:32pm
Gold Indoor PercussionPIW - Round 27:43pm
VesselPIW - Round 27:54pm
River City RhythmPIW - Round 28:05pm
Broken CityPIW - Round 28:16pm
InfinityPIW - Round 28:27pm
Audio TheaterPIW - Round 28:48pm
Blue KnightsPIW - Round 28:59pm
George Mason IndoorPIW - Round 29:10pm
Pulse PercussionPIW - Round 29:21pm
ConneXusPIW - Round 29:32pm
Rhythm XPIW - Round 29:43pm
Flux Indoor PercussionPIW - Round 29:54pm
MBI IndoorPIW - Round 210:05pm

REBROADCAST (April 21) - Wright State University's Nutter Center

PSO & Concert Class Prelims

Stoneman Douglas HSPSO - Round 110:00am
Gwinnett County Combined SchoolsPSO - Round 110:10am
Decatur Central HSPSO - Round 110:20am
Franklin Community HSPSO - Round 110:30am
Olentangy Liberty HSPSO - Round 110:40am
Brownsburg HSPSO - Round 110:50am
Gulfport HSPSO - Round 111:00am
Kettering Fairmont HSPSO - Round 111:10am
Milford HS (OH)PSO - Round 111:20am
Foothill HS (NV)PSO - Round 111:30am
Newsome HSPSO - Round 212:00pm
Union HSPSO - Round 212:10pm
J.W. Mitchell HSPSO - Round 212:20pm
Hernando HSPSO - Round 212:30pm
Hamilton Southeastern HSPSO - Round 212:40pm
Victor J. Andrew HSPSO - Round 212:50pm
Kickapoo HSPSO - Round 21:00pm
Kamiak HSPSO - Round 21:10pm
La Canada HSPSO - Round 21:20pm
Trumbull HSPSO - Round 21:30pm
Central Dauphin HSPSO - Round 21:40pm
Canton McKinley HSPSCA2:00pm
Warren East HSPSCA2:09pm
Atoka HSPSCA2:18pm
West Clermont HSPSCA2:27pm
East Central HSPSCA2:36pm
Lewis Cass HSPSCA2:45pm
Newnan HSPSCA2:54pm
Cleveland HSPSCO3:13pm
Powhatan HSPSCO3:23pm
Desoto Central HSPSCO3:33pm
Grassfield HSPSCO3:43pm
Penn-Trafford HSPSCO3:53pm
Bob Jones HSPSO - Round 34:15pm
Central Crossing HSPSO - Round 34:25pm
Northview HSPSO - Round 34:35pm
Pace HSPSO - Round 34:45pm
Norwalk Combined SchoolsPSO - Round 34:55pm
Ninety Six HSPSO - Round 35:05pm
New Milford HSPSO - Round 35:15pm
Plymouth-Canton Educational ParkPSO - Round 35:25pm
Zionsville HSPSO - Round 35:35pm
Greenfield-Central HSPSO - Round 35:45pm
Lake Orion HSPSO - Round 46:15pm
Eden Prairie HSPSO - Round 46:25pm
Ravenwood HSPSO - Round 46:35pm
Pearl HSPSO - Round 46:45pm
Plainfield HSPSO - Round 46:55pm
Mansfield HSPSO - Round 47:05pm
Goshen HSPSO - Round 47:15pm
Powhatan HSPSO - Round 47:25pm
Clover HSPSO - Round 47:35pm
Bellbrook HSPSO - Round 47:45pm
Sunlake HSPSO - Round 47:55pm
Tunstall HSPSCW8:15pm
Corinth Holders HSPSCW8:26pm
Catawba Ridge HSPSCW8:37pm
Fishers HSPSCW8:48pm
Ayala HSPSCW8:59pm

REBROADCAST (April 21) - Truist Arena at Northern Kentucky University

PSA & PIO Prelims

Noblesville HSPSA - Round 310:00am
Christiansburg Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 310:09am
Southport HSPSA - Round 310:18am
Chantilly HSPSA - Round 310:27am
Oak Ridge HSPSA - Round 310:36am
Sycamore HSPSA - Round 310:45am
Westfield HSPSA - Round 310:54am
Bellevue Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 311:03am
Dawsom Bryant HSPSA - Round 311:12am
Warren Central HSPSA - Round 311:21am
Mililani HSPSA - Round 411:50am
Gulf Breeze HSPSA - Round 411:59am
Wapakoneta HSPSA - Round 412:08pm
Oak Grove HS (MS)PSA - Round 412:17pm
Perry Meridian HSPSA - Round 412:26pm
Perkiomen Valley HSPSA - Round 412:35pm
Beavercreek HSPSA - Round 412:44pm
North Forsyth HSPSA - Round 412:53pm
Spring-Ford HSPSA - Round 41:02pm
Hempfield HSPSA - Round 41:11pm
United Percussion 2PIO - Round 11:35pm
Old Line Independent PercussionPIO - Round 11:45pm
Empyrean PercussionPIO - Round 11:55pm
Cap City 2PIO - Round 12:05pm
IMPACT PercussionPIO - Round 12:15pm
Lake Effect PercussionPIO - Round 12:25pm
UTRGV PercussionPIO - Round 12:35pm
Paradigm PercussionPIO - Round 12:45pm
Palmetto Indoor TheatrePIO - Round 13:10pm
Matrix OpenPIO - Round 13:20pm
Bakersfield CollegePIO - Round 13:30pm
Infinity 3PIO - Round 13:40pm
Crossroads PercussionPIO - Round 13:50pm
Breakthrough Indoor PercussionPIO - Round 14:00pm
Spartans Indoor PercussionPIO - Round 14:10pm
Resistance Indoor PercussionPIO - Round 14:20pm
Atlas PercussionPIO - Round 25:20pm
Mt. Juliet HSPIO - Round 25:30pm
Civitas IndependentPIO - Round 25:40pm
Vision PercussionPIO - Round 25:50pm
Ascention PercussionPIO - Round 26:00pm
UTSAPIO - Round 26:10pm
Sun City IndependentPIO - Round 26:20pm
Liberty University Indoor DrumlinePIO - Round 26:30pm
MarakiPIO - Round 26:55pm
Motor City PercussionPIO - Round 27:05pm
Gold Spike PercussionPIO - Round 27:15pm
Q2PIO - Round 27:25pm
Nomad IndoorPIO - Round 27:35pm
Freedom PercussionPIO - Round 27:45pm
M3PIO - Round 27:55pm
InstinctPIO - Round 28:05pm

REBROADCAST (April 21) - Hobart Arena

PSA & PIA Prelims

Albermarle County Combined SchoolPSA - Round 19:00am
John C. Birdlebough HSPSA - Round 19:09am
Longmont Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 19:18am
Elk River Combined SchoolPSA - Round 19:27am
Irondale Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 19:36am
Grand Blanc HSPSA - Round 19:45am
Unionville HSPSA - Round 19:54am
Hudsonville HSPSA - Round 110:03am
Cab Calloway Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 110:12am
Salem HSPSA - Round 110:21am
Lebanon HSPSA - Round 210:50am
Lakeway Christian AcademyPSA - Round 210:59am
Vandebilt Catholic HSPSA - Round 211:08am
Minooka Community HSPSA - Round 211:17am
Dakota Combined SchoolsPSA - Round 211:26am
Kings HSPSA - Round 211:35am
Everett HSPSA - Round 211:44am
Plainfield Combined SchoolPSA - Round 211:53am
West Milford HSPSA - Round 212:02pm
Pi Percussion IncPIA - Round 11:00pm
Groove PursuitPIA - Round 11:09pm
St. Ambrose University Indoor PercussionPIA - Round 11:18pm
Kannapolis IndependentPIA - Round 11:27pm
Fruitport Independent PercussionPIA - Round 11:36pm
Vortex PercussionPIA - Round 11:45pm
Quad City PercussionPIA - Round 11:54pm
Charles Towne PercussionPIA - Round 12:03pm
Modulation ZPIA - Round 22:30pm
RevelationPIA - Round 22:39pm
Shockwave PIA - Round 22:48pm
North Star IndependentPIA - Round 22:57pm
St. Martin IndependentPIA - Round 23:06pm
Huron Valley PercussionPIA - Round 23:15pm
Crystal Lake ThunderPIA - Round 23:24pm