2022 Texas Marching Classic

A Full Recap of the Texas Marching Classic

A Full Recap of the Texas Marching Classic

Your one-stop-shop for a total recap of the Texas Marching Classic, which was held on October 8th in Round Rock, TX

Oct 9, 2022 by Natalie Shelton
A Full Recap of the Texas Marching Classic

It was a long day full of spectacular on-field performances from bands all across Texas. Here's everything you need to know that happened at the Texas Marching Classic on October 8th in Round Rock, TX

Finals Scores

1Vandegrift High School88.888
2Ronald Reagan High School88.650
3Vista Ridge High School87.075
4Cedar Park High School87.050
5Round Rock High School85.050
6Rouse High School83.125
7Robert E. Hendrickson High School78.350
8Louis D. Brandeis High School77.875
9Leander High School77.700
10John B. Alexander High School76.575
11Dripping Springs High School75.775
12Sandra Day O'Connor High School75.425

Vandegrift High School came out on top at the Texas Marching Classic with their show titled 'Into the Grid.' The Viper Band earned a score of 88.888, quickly their way toward joining the coveted 90s club with only a couple of public performances under their belts. The Viper Band also claimed caption awards for Outstanding Auxilary and Outstanding Music.

Coming in second place by only 0.238 points was Ronald Reagan High School with their 2022 show titled 'In Plain Sight.' In addition to taking home the silver medal, Ronald Reagan also earned the caption award for Outstanding General Effect. 

Coming in third place (and jumping up one spot from Prelims where they sat in 4th place) was Vista Ridge with a score of 87.075. The Ranger Band's show titled 'Divisi' left them hot on the heels of Vandegrift and Ronald Reagan, and also earned them caption awards for Outstanding Percussion and Outstanding Visual. 

Prelims Scores

1Vandegrift High School90.175
2Ronald Reagan High School88.525
3Cedar Park High School88.150
4Vista Ridge High School87.275
5Round Rock High School86.300
6Rouse High School84.900
7Leander High School79.275
8Louis D. Brandeis High School78.025
9Sandra Day O'Connor High School77.438
10Robert E. Hendrickson High School77.400
11John B. Alexander High School76.625
12Dripping Springs High School76.400
13McNeil High School76.200
14Winston Churchill High School74.875
15James Madison High School70.900
16Tom C. Clark High School70.475
17Weiss High School70.150
18Midway High School67.825
19Hutto High School66.200
20Stony Point High School62.050

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