Weekend Recap: USBands Saginaw Regional

Weekend Recap: USBands Saginaw Regional

Let's take a look at how the competition shaped up this weekend at the 2022 USBands Saginaw Regional in Saginaw, TX

Sep 26, 2022 by Natalie Shelton
Weekend Recap: USBands Saginaw Regional

Fifteen competitors took the field on Saturday morning at Rough Rider Stadium in Saginaw, TX, and at the conclusion of the competition, Braswell High School came out victorious. 

Finals Scores

1Braswell High School 80.200
2Centennial High School78.800
3Red Oak High School76.000
4Trinity High School74.400
5Saginaw High School73.800
6Joshua High School70.100
7Emerson High School68.500
8Lamar High School (ARL)66.200
9Weatherford High School65.100
10Godley High School63.900

Performing their 2022 program titled "Tomorrowland," Braswell High School wowed the crowd with their futuristic show that featured myriad props, holographic uniforms, and powerful ensemble and solo moments. The Aubrey-based program also earned caption awards in the color guard, music, and overall effect categories.  

Centennial High School walked away with the silver medal for their 2022 program titled 'Jane,' while Red Oak High School earned the bronze medal for their show titled 'Wonderland.' The spread between the top three was a whopping 4.2 points, but that's to be expected in early-season competition. You'll want to keep your eyes on these bands, though, because they'll be going head-to-head multiple times throughout the USBands season, and competition is bound to get even more exciting as the shows get fully on the field and elements continue to get refined.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery featuring all of the finalists performances here!

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