2022 Texas Marching Classic

Texas Marching Classic: Introducing the Competing Groups & Their 2022 Shows

Texas Marching Classic: Introducing the Competing Groups & Their 2022 Shows

The 2022 Texas Marching Classic takes place in Round Rock, Texas on October 8th. Watch the stream LIVE on FloMarching!

Sep 14, 2022 by Natalie Shelton
Texas Marching Classic: Introducing the Competing Groups & Their 2022 Shows

One of the most anticipated marching band shows of the season is right around the corner - the Texas Marching Classic. With an absolutely stacked lineup on the competitive docket, we figured it'd be a good idea to preview the programs and give you the lowdown on what we know about their show this season. The 2022 Texas Marching Classic will take place on October 8th in Round Rock, TX, and you can stream the show LIVE on FloMarching! Click here for more information about the event as well as streaming info.

Cedar Park High School

Since its creation in the late 1990s, the Cedar Park Timberwolf Band has been a top competitor both in Texas and around the US. Cedar Park currently holds six Texas State Marching Championship gold medals (most recently in 2021), was a 2019 TMEA Honor Band Finalist, and finished their 2016 season in the top five at BOA Grand Nationals. 

  • 2022 Show Title: Mirror

Dripping Springs High School

The Dripping Springs Tiger Band has been a UIL State Finalist in 2A, 3A, and 4A, with the Tiger Band being crowned the 2009 UIL 4A State Marching Band Champion, and the 2011 UIL 4a State Marching Band silver medalist. 

  • 2022 Show Title: TBA

Hendrickson High School

The Hendrickson High School Hawk Band is a nationally recognized organization. The ensemble has performed throughout the state of Texas and nationally, participating in both UIL and Bands of America Circuits in the 5A arena. The Hawk Band has made appearances at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Fiesta Bowl Parade, & the Disney Parade.

  • 2022 Show Title: Trainlapse
  • Featuring musical selections from:
    • Vaclav Nelhybel
    • Steve Danyew
    • Jonathan Newman
    • Radiohead
    • John Mackey

Hutto High School

The High School Band Hippo Band received a Superior rating for their performance as a 6A High School at the UIL Marching contest. The band competed in the Region 26 UIL Region Marching contest and the Area D Marching contest at the Round Rock ISD Athletic Complex Stadium.

  • 2022 Show Title: TBA

James Madison High School

The Madison Band is the largest band program in NEISD and is one of the largest bands in San Antonio. The Madison Band consistently receives superior ratings at both UIL region and area contests and is a finalist in many local and area contests.

  • 2022 Show Title: TBA

John B. Alexander High School

The John B. Alexander High School Outdoor Performance Ensemble earned the title of UIL Area G Champion amongst 22 Region-certified band programs throughout South Texas on October 30, 2021. 

  • 2022 Show Title: Tipping the Scales

Leander High School

Ranked among the top high school music programs in the country, the Leander High School Marching Band consistently strives for and achieves top honors and awards in marching and concert competitions. The Lion Band was the BOA Grand National 3A Champion most recently in 2019, were UIL State Marching Contest finalists in 2018, and were the 2021 UIL State Marching Band bronze medalists.

  • 2022 Show Title: The Other Side of Light

Louis D. Brandeis High School

The Brandeis High School Bronco Band is a successful 6A program based in San Antonio, Tx. With consistent BOA & UIL Area Finals appearances, the program aims to continue its growth and reach new heights.

  • 2022 Show Title: Reel of Suspense
  • Featuring musical selections from the films: 
    • The Knife from the film 'North by Northwest'
    • Scene D' Amore from the film 'Vertigo'
    • Prelude from the fim 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'
    • The Road from the film 'Fahrenheit 451'

McNeil High School

The Marching Band at McNeil High School is one of the largest student organizations on the McNeil High School campus with 200 students involved. Founded in 1992, the Maverick Band continues to compete across Texas in various UIL and BOA competitions.

  • 2022 Show Title: With My Own Two Eyes

Midway High School

The Midway High School Panther Band is an award-winning program, with a long-standing tradition of UIL Sweepstakes (First Division in UIL Marching, Concert, and Sight-Reading contests). The 2022-2023 High School Band is composed of 195 students.

  • 2022 Show Title: TBA

Ronald Reagan High School

The Ronald Reagan High School Marching Band is one of the largest and most active spirit and competition groups on campus. The Marching Band attends football games and pep rallies in addition to the annual slate of Texas UIL, Bands of America, and independent marching competitions across the country. The Ronald Reagan Marching Band has consistently been a finalist in Bands of America and UIL Activities, including the Bands of America Grand National Championships and the UIL Texas State Marching Contest.

  • 2022 Show Title: In Plain Sight

Round Rock High School

The Round Rock Dragon Band is one of the most well-known marching programs in Texas. The ensemble has been a consistent BOA and UIL finalist, most recently placing 9th at the 2019 BOA Grand Nationals. The Dragon Band has also had ensembles attend the 2018 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, received the Mark of Excellence in 2017, and attended the 2015 Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena, California.

  • 2022 Show Title: The Living Earth

Rouse High School

The Rouse High School marching band is based out of Cedar Park, TX. The program competes at various UIL competitions throughout the state of Texas, and most recently placed 9th at the 2017 5A UIL State Marching contest, marking the first time in school history that the ensemble advanced to Finals competition.

  • 2022 Show Title: Luminosity

Sanda Day O'Connor High School

The Panther Marching Band has earned 20 consecutive first division ratings at Texas UIL Marching Contest, advanced to Texas UIL Area Marching Contest, and UIL State Marching Contest. The Panther Band is very involved in the community, performing at football games, pep rallies, Christmas & Spring concerts, Battle of Flowers Parade, Fiesta Battle of Bands, Helotes Cornyval Parade, and the Elf Louise Christmas Parade. 

  • 2022 Show Title: Hypnotize

Stony Point High School

The Stony Point High School Marching Band is one of the largest student organizations on campus with 120 students involved. The Marching Band consists of students from all concert bands, as well as the color guard. 

  • 2022 Show Title: Primary
  • Featuring the following musical selections:
    • 99 Red Balloons by Nena
    • Aka | Red by Andy Akiho
    • Hymn to the Blue Hour by John Mackey
    • Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland
    • Summer: III. Presto by Vivaldi

Tom C. Clark High School

The Clark Cougar Band is an award-winning musical ensemble consisting of students from grades 9 - 12. The marching performs frequently in the community, at football games, marching contests, shows, pep rallies, and parades.  It is the most active and visible group on campus.

  • 2022 Show Title: TBA

Vandegrift High School

The Marching Band at Vandegrift High School is one of the largest student organizations on campus with over 400 students involved. The Viper Band consists of students from all concert bands, as well as the Vision Dance Company. The Marching Band competes in 6-8 competitions on Saturdays during the fall in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) and Bands of America (BOA) circuits. The ensemble was the 2019 BOA Grand National Champion, the 2019 TMEA 6A Honor Band, and the 2018 6A State Marching bronze medalist.

  • 2022 Show Title: Into the Grid

Vista Ridge High School

The Vista Ridge Ranger Band is one of the most well-known marching programs in the state of Texas. The ensemble holds many accomplishments, including being a BOA Grand National Finalist in 2021, the UIL 6A Area H Marching Band Contest Champion in 2021 and 2018, and the UIL 6A Texas State Marching Band Contest Champions in 2018. The program was also recently invited to the 2023 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California

  • 2022 Show Title: Divisi

Weiss High School

Weiss High School opened in the Fall of 2017 as the 4th high school in Pflugerville ISD. Through participation in band, students of the Weiss Band will learn about the importance of selflessness, integrity, work ethic, teamwork, perseverance, and much more. Music will be used as our tool to teach students these traits and how to become positive contributing members of society.

  • 2022 Show Title: Shockwave

Winston Churchill High School

The Winston Churchill Charger band is a 6-time BOA Regional Champion, a UIL State Medalist in 2006, 2000, and 1996, as well as a participant in the 2014 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and a 2005 participant in the Tournament of Roses.

  • 2022 Show Title: Won't You Be My Neighbor

Cedar Ridge High School (in exhibition)

The Cedar Ridge High School Marching Band is a former Grand National finalist and consistent Regional finalist in the state of Texas. In 2021, the ensemble placed 7th in the 6A division during the UIL State Marching Band contest.

  • 2022 Show Title: TBA