2021 USBands National Championships Open Class

Norwalk HS Feels The Pressure Before USBands Nationals

Norwalk HS Feels The Pressure Before USBands Nationals

The USBands National Championships are this weekend, and no band has more on the line than the Norwalk High School Marching Band from Norwalk, CT.

Nov 5, 2021 by FloMarching Staff
Norwalk HS Feels The Pressure Before USBands Nationals

Written by Rebecca Rosen.

The USBands National Championships are this weekend, and no band has more on the line than the Norwalk High School Marching Band from Norwalk, CT. 

The Group 4 Open Class band under the direction of Chris Rivera has been the reigning State and National champions in the class for three years running, and has felt a lot of pressure this season to perform at the high level that is expected of them despite smaller numbers as a result of COVID-19.

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“We have had steady growth over the competition season, continuing to improve from one show to the next,” explained Marie Randle, woodwind tech for the Norwalk High School Marching Band. “Norwalk encourages the kids to improve each week, whether that’s changing/learning music, new choreography, adding props, or new work for guard.” 

Their hard work is paying off: they were able to defend their State Championship title on November 3rd with a score of 94.000, beating the second place band, Southington High School, by just one point. This is a significant score increase from their earlier shows this season, which all scored in the 80s.

And it isn’t just legacy and high scores that Norwalk High School is bringing to the field this year; their 2021 program “Día de los Muertos” is unique and personal to the band members themselves.  “[The show] focuses on the Mexican tradition of honoring loved ones who have passed,” said Randle. “In honor of this tradition, we have included photos of family members and band alumni who have passed on our ofrendas at the front of the field.”

The show promises to be an impactful and moving experience. Randle specified that there is a great moment during the second movement specifically that’s worth keeping an eye out for when you’re watching the show: “The color guard uses these gorgeous yellow and orange spin flags to accentuate some beautiful hit points from the winds,” she gushed. “I think we have a couple of cool moments that highlight each of our sections, but [that’s] my favorite.”

Norwalk High School is scheduled to perform on November 6th at the USBands Open Class National Championships in MetLife Stadium around 9 PM. “Marching band really is one of those life changing experiences, so I hope the students get a chance to pause and really take in the atmosphere of MetLife,” remarked Randle. “It’s a powerful feeling when you’re firing on all cylinders and you and your team are able to succeed and have fun at the same time.” 

Randle was quick to clarify that the Norwalk team is incredibly proud of the work the members have put into the season, whether they are able to continue their three year National Champion streak or not. “Our goal is to put on the best show that we can,” she said. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to win --- “[We want to] show the world that while covid had impacted us greatly, it hasn’t stopped us from working just as hard and becoming just as good as pre-COVID Norwalk High School.” 

Tune in to the USBands Open Class National Championships LIVE on FloMarching on November 6, 2021 to see for yourself if Norwalk can defend their National Champion title.

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