Quick Guide to the 2021 MAIN Virtual Season On FloMarching

Quick Guide to the 2021 MAIN Virtual Season On FloMarching

Everything you need to know about how to watch the 2021 MAIN Virtual Event season exclusively on FloMarching this February to May!

Feb 4, 2021 by Andy Schamma
Coming To FloMarching This Winter (2021)

Watch the 2021 MAIN Virtual Event season exclusively on FloMarching! Below you will find the schedule and viewing information to watch all 11 events from the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network between February and May. Performances will be made available on the date of the event and will be viewable ON-DEMAND starting at 9 AM ET.

2021 MAIN Virtual Event Schedule

All videos will be available for viewing starting at 9 AM ET on each Saturday and will be removed on the following Monday at 9 AM ET.

2/20 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 1

2/27 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 2

3/6 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 3

3/13 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 4

3/20 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 5

3/27 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 6

4/3 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 7

4/10 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 8

4/17 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 9

4/24 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 10 - Solo/Ensemble

5/1 @ 9 AM ET - MAIN Virtual Event 11 - Solo/Ensemble

About Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network (MAIN)

MAIN held its first competitive season in the winter of 1996.  The association was formed by a group of guard directors and instructors concerned with the future of the activity. MAIN looked to be the first color guard association in this area run by the guards themselves, as opposed to a judging association, as was being done in other parts of the country,  Ten shows were held that season, the association had thirty-eight member units and thirty-two units performed at Championships. Our current membership includes guards from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland.

Virtual Event Streaming Information

For 2021, MAIN will be offering a predominantly virtual season with an in-person showcase option at the end of the season. Performance options will include Solo, Small Ensemble, Standstill, Group, and eShowcase! All categories will have a competitive and non-competitive option and members may vary options week to week. More info here.

What is a virtual event?

In order to watch virtual events on FloMarching this winter, all you need to do is return to this page on the date of the event. Starting at 9 AM ET, performances will be made available for viewing ON-DEMAND—simply find the performance you'd like to view and click on it! Use the filters to see specific divisions and performance categories. 

Performances will be no longer be available for viewing after 9 AM ET on the following Monday.

How can I view the results?

Results will be posted in an article published on Sunday after the event date at 7 PM ET each weekend of competition.

How to Watch:

STREAMING: Watch the 2021 MAIN Virtual Events on FloMarching. SIGN UP HERE.

On Your TV: Now Available on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast & Apple TV.

Cast: Cast to your smart TV including Vizio, Samsung and LG TVs.

On The Go: Download the FloSports app on iOS or Android.

Archived Footage

Video footage from the event will be archived and stored in a video library for FloMarching subscribers to watch for the duration of their subscription.

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