On The 50 with Dan Schack

NEW EPISODES: On The 50 with Dan Schack

NEW EPISODES: On The 50 with Dan Schack

Coming every Tuesday & Thursday, new episodes of On The 50 with Dan Schack covering the marching arts with top teachers and designers of DCI, WGI, and BOA.

Apr 28, 2020 by Andy Schamma
What Is On The 50 with Dan Schack?

Coming to you from Austin, TX, at the FloSports Headquarters, we're starting a brand new project called "On The 50 with Dan Schack" hosted by designer, educator, and much, much more... Dan Schack. During this show, Dan interviews some of the most sought after designers and educators in the marching arts–period.

They discuss judging, design, arranging, the culture of the groups that are excellent year after year, and some of the thought processes that drive the marching arts into the future. This podcast is for performers, educators, fans, and students.

Check out FloMarching every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes of On The 50.

New Episodes Coming ALL Summer Long!

Updated May 26 - With the cancellation of WGI World Championships and Drum Corps International's 2020 season taking place since we recorded the first 7 episodes, we wanted to continue this project through the summer as a way for the community to connect with the great educators and designers of the activity in the midst of a drum corps drought that we've never been experienced before.

Guests for June include:

  • Scott Koter
  • Carolyn and Lauren Drislane
  • Travis Peterman
  • Rick Subel and Andria Foerch
  • Mike Fantini and Evan Worrell
  • Lindsey Schueller
  • Jeff Brooks
  • Gis Cadieux
  • Shane Gwaltney
  • Tyler Edrington and Molly Favret
  • Brendan and Colin Mason
  • Mike Leitzke

And that's just June.

But first, who is Dan Schack, anyway?

8. Chris Walker

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