Schedule & Scores For 2019 DCI World Championship Finals

Prelims featured 36 corps and after 13 hours of performances, the numbers were narrowed to 25. A select few Open Class corps moved on with the entire contingent of DCI's World Class corps to perform in Friday's World Championship Semifinals. Seattle Cascades were the last corps in, while Louisiana Stars just barely missed the cut-off, ending what was a fantastic season for the 7-year old drum corps. 

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By the end of Friday night, all scores were announced and the Blue Devils pulled ahead of Bluecoats. The Cavaliers have steadily improved their position in the #5 spot while Carolina Crown aims to get out of their reach and make a jump for a medal. Further down the line, Crossmen and Phantom continue to flip-flop in the 11-12 spots and Spirit of Atlanta misses finals for one more year—but two years in a row in 13th could be a sign of a finals visit for them in upcoming seasons.

But now, the main event. The top 12 corps have moved on to Finals and will be competing to earn their highest scores of the season and for some of them, their highest scores in decades—or ever. Bluecoats did fall in Semis, but after an otherwise undefeated season, they have been a hands-down fan favorite. Their rendition of The Beatles has opened the doors of DCI to new fans everywhere, and they just get one more time to do it—9:37 PM ET. Blue Devils will finish out the night with their artistry, bringing the theater to life on the field for 12 minutes—just to extinguish the ghostlight for one final time.

You're not going to want to miss this—this is one of the best seasons of drum corps this activity has ever seen.

Schedule For Saturday

5:40INpact Band

U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

6:20National Anthem

Phantom Regiment

7:21The Cadets
7:38Blue Stars
7:55Blue Knights

Boston Crusaders

8:46The Cavaliers
9:03Carolina Crown

Santa Clara Vanguard

9:54Blue Devils

World Champion Encore


Semis - August 9

1Blue Devils97.700
3Santa Clara Vanguard96.325
4Carolina Crown96.025
5The Cavaliers95.213
6Boston Crusaders93.413
7Blue Knights92.625
8Blue Stars91.300
9The Cadets89.800
12Phantom Regiment87.775
13Spirit of Atlanta85.587
14Pacific Crest85.350
15The Academy 84.300
17Madison Scouts82.137
23Music City76.650
24Jersey Surf75.900
25Seattle Cascades73.275

Prelims - August 8

2Blue Devils97.550
3Santa Clara Vanguard96.238
4Carolina Crown95.938
5The Cavaliers94.250
6Boston Crusaders94.225
7Blue Knights91.475
8Blue Stars90.850
9The Cadets90.100
11Phantom Regiment87.375
13Spirit of Atlanta85.250
14Pacific Crest83.925
15The Academy 83.900
17Madison Scouts81.025
23Music City76.588
24Jersey Surf76.413
25Seattle Cascades73.700
26Louisiana Stars73.600
28River City Rhythm71.075
307th Regiment70.475
31Golden Empire68.475
33Colt Cadets64.425
34Les Stentors63.150
36Heat Wave60.050

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