Recap: 2019 DCI World Championship Semifinals


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After another long day of performances yesterday, DCI's semifinals have finally come to a close and our top 12 corps are now preparing for their finals performances tonight. Here's a quick recap of yesterday's performances, and what to keep an eye on going into tonight, and some things you may have even missed yesterday. 

Seattle Cascades

During prelims the Seattle Cascades earned a score that allowed them to compete in semifinals for the first time since 2016. They were able to improve their final score from last year by 1.312 and finished two slots higher than last year. 

Open Class Round-Up

Three great open class corps made semifinals and showed their ability to perform alongside their colleagues in World Class. Our bronze medalists, Gold, finished in 22nd place, silver medalists, Legends, finished in 21st, and our champions, the Spartans, finished in 19th place. The Spartans also took the field for their victory run last night, performing to a crowd directly after Bluecoats. 

Madison Scouts & Troopers

These two historic organizations have been going head to head this entire season. Between prelims and semifinals, the Scouts' score went up by over a point, earning a final score of 82.137. This was unable to ultimately change their overall placement, and they finished their season in 17th. Just behind them in 18th were the Troopers, after improving their score by about 0.8 over the previous day. 

The Academy & Colts

These two corps have had an exciting season of placement, and ultimately just 0.075 is all that ultimately made the difference between them. The corps spent a majority of the season at separate shows, but always maintained similar scores, and that held up at regionals. The Academy matched their placement and nearly their score from last year, in 15th place. The Colts finished closely behind in 16th.

Pacific Crest

With their highest placement and score ever, Pacific Crest ended on a high note this year. They improved their score by an astounding 1.425 during semifinals, bringing them to finish in 14th place with a score of 85.35. This is a huge change from their scores and placement from last season, with a 6.05 point difference in score and a difference of 6 places. 

Spirit of Atlanta

First out of finals, the Spirit of Atlanta finished in 13th place, 2.18 points away from the 12th place, Phantom Regiment. This is exactly 0.001 points different from their final score of last season and matches their placement, too. The Spirit of Atlanta last made finals in 2013 with their show, Speakeasy. 

Phantom Regiment & Crossmen

The Crossmen came out on top of this matchup last night, improving their prelims score by 1.06 to come out ahead of the Phantom Regiment by 0.45 points. The Phantom Regiment has had a late surge in the competition this season, getting closer to the Crossmen each show, and even coming out ahead of the Crossmen in prelims. The Phantom Regiment will be performing first tonight at 6:30 pm. 

Mandarins & Cadets

After their first World Class finals appearance last year, the Mandarins have maintained the momentum and are again making a finals appearance this season. Their semifinals score of 89.438 is already ahead of their finals score last season. The corps is also hot on the heels of the Cadets, just 0.362 ahead of them, currently in 9th place. The Cadets have made World Class finals every year since 1980. 

Blue Stars & Blue Knights

The Blue Stars and Blue Knights are sitting in 8th and 7th place respectively, with both corps finally breaking 90 during finals week in Indianapolis. Both also spent good chunks of the season battling for placement with the Cadets and the Mandarins before finally pulling further ahead in Indianapolis. Both corps are also perennial finalists with the Blue Stars competing in 9 of the last 10 finals competitions, and the Blue Knights have competed in every World Championship Finals since 2004. 

Boston Crusaders & Cavaliers

The Boston Crusaders earned the only penalty of the day yesterday with a full 1 point penalty. The score recaps do not denote the reason for the penalty, but the full point did widen the gap between the Crusaders and the Cavaliers which had already grown in recent weeks. The Cavaliers also had a penalty this week, on prelims day, but of a smaller 0.30 points. Disregarding yesterdays penalty, their competitive difference was 0.80. The Boston Crusaders are hoping to continue their competitive rise over the last few years, and continue to shatter the corps' scoring records. 

Carolina Crown & Santa Clara Vanguard

The last three shows have gotten exciting when it comes to the placement of these two corps. After spending a majority of the season at different shows, last night ended with only a 0.30 gap between the reigning champion and Carolina Crown. The Santa Clara Vanguard are currently in third place and looking at the bronze medal. 

Blue Devils & Bluecoats

The competition between these two corps has been some of the best to watch this season. While the Bluecoats maintained undefeated status for a good portion of the season, that was finally changed at the Murfreesboro show, where the Blue Devils pulled ahead by a narrow 0.08 points. It's been a very narrow back and forth ever since. Last night was no different. The Blue Devils took the lead by 0.15 points. Who knows what might happen tonight? 

Caption Awards 

(Calculated based on the last two evenings)

Best Brass - Carolina Crown (19.625)

Best Percussion - Santa Clara Vanguard (19.7)

Best Colorguard - Blue Devils (19.65)

Best Visual - Blue Devils (19.7)

Best Overall General Effect - Bluecoats (19.631)

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