2019 Southeastern Championship

LIVE BLOG: 2019 DCI Southeastern Championship

LIVE BLOG: 2019 DCI Southeastern Championship

Follow along with Krista Viveiros as she commentates a very full day of performances at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the DCI Southeastern Champs!

Jul 27, 2019 by Krista Viveiros
LIVE BLOG: 2019 DCI Southeastern Championship
Follow along with Krista Viveiros as she commentates alongside a very full day of performances at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the DCI Southeastern Champs!

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Follow along with Krista Viveiros as she commentates alongside a very full day of performances at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the DCI Southeastern Champs!

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Good afternoon everyone and thanks for joining me during today's live blog of DCI's 2019 Southeastern Championship! I'm Krista Viveiros, back again to enjoy another amazing day of drum corps with you all. From 1:30 all the way to 10:12 tonight I'll be liveblogging every single show. Refresh this page once every few minutes for up to the moment updates. 

1:30 PM - Welcome & National Anthem

1:40 PM - Sonus Brass Theater - Woodbridge, VA
  • Here we are kicking off with our first corps of the day and our first Sound Sport performance of three today. 
  • Opening 'Havana' with the vibraphone added a nice tone to the start of the piece and was able to spotlight a part of their front ensemble
  • The colorguard is actually a new addition to Sonus Brass Theater. Until the 2019 season, they did not feature a colorguard. 
1:57 PM - Carolina Gold - Greensboro, NC
  • Looks like I may have been mistaken. Since the Sound Sport barriers have moved, it may just be that Carolina Gold and Atlanta CV are performing in exhibition... 
  • Something to remember about DCA corps in general, Carolinda Gold included, is that they don't have an 'age-out' so there are performers out there that are over 21, which is DCI's age-out. They also only rehearse on the weekends. 
  • Umbrellas are always a fun prop for the color guard
  • I think it's incredible what these corps can accomplish on just the weekends. Kudos to these performers and the staff for Carolina Gold!
2:14 PM - Atlanta CV - Atlanta, GA
  • At the name, and some of the crowd noise, suggests, this is indeed a home show for Atlanta CV. I'm sure they have some extra energy to throw our way today. 
  • WOW. These guys are LOUD. If you weren't awake and ready to go, now you are!
  • So many styles and elements added into this show. 
  • A fun and super strong finish too! 
  • While we are all gearing up for the end of the DCI season, there's quite a bit left for DCA folks. DCA finals aren't until September 1st. 
2:31 PM - Seattle Cascades - Seattle, WA
  • Our first DCI corps of the day! 
  • Another strong start from the Cascades, which is demanded of the opening hit. 
  • The extra effect added on the soloists is a fun change and adds to the jazzier tone of this ballad
  • Still can't believe I'm getting Rick Rolled in 2019 via this show, but at the same time, I love it? 
  • Another fun performance, thank you, Cascades!

If you didn't just hear the announcement, there was an issue with Jersey Surf's arrival. The show is now taking a 17-minute break, and Jersey Surf will now perform after the Madison Scouts. 

3:05 PM - Music City - Nashville, TN
  • And we're back! With Music City from Nashville. 
  • It's nice that the colorguard aren't the only performers that are mice, the whole corps proper has the tail and the grey. It adds to the visual a bit 
  • Never noticed that big set before that crosses out the mice! A fun one. Never noticed those two on-field speakers either. 
  • A few Mickey Mouse sets thrown in there... An obvious add on but still fun
  • This closer is so fun, just the idea of mice asking for peace is so fun, but they execute it well and seal up the show in a wonderful way. 
3:22 PM - Genesis - Austin, TX
  • Something to keep an eye out for today is the battle between Genesis and Music City. They're about .2 apart, although the most recent scores are from separate shows. 
  • That backfield quad roll is a nice way to kick off the actual tempo of the show, and isn't easy. Nailed it. 
  • Great staging across the entire field here, incredible use of the space. 
  • Another great staging moment across the front-facing steps. 
  • Such an easy show to follow and truly enjoy, a great run from Genesis
3:39 PM - Troopers - Casper, WY
  • Not going to lie, I do miss the old school Troopers DM uniform, but this is a show ushering in a new era and I can appreciate why it doesn't belong right now
  • Sweet moment for the colorguard rifles up front on the tarp. 
  • A few tasty licks from the xylophone player up front. There is NO hiding when playing the xylophone and this performer plays to be noticed. 
  • Loving the color from the back of the field towards the end of that sustain! 
  • An incredibly strong push to the finish. Could the Troopers pull ahead of the Scouts tonight? 
3:56 PM - Pacific Crest - Diamond Bar, CA
  • So many triangle props this season. Just the DCI hivemind in action. That and they're just plain old effective. 
  • A lot easier to see the light this show. Must have been something with the lights at the last show that made them more difficult to see. 
  • Fun fact about Pacific Crest this year: they're already scoring above their semi-finals score from last year: 79.3. And with a bit of season left and this momentum? Sky's the limit. 
  • The slow-mo visual coupled with the echoed solo in the dome creates a crazy time-warp style effect. 
  • The rainbow on the high cam is so beautiful! Really nice effect across the board from the flags to the staging and music. All of it. They're pushing forward this year in something unlike we've ever seen from them. Can't wait for what's to come. 
4:13 PM - Madison Scouts - Madison, WI
  • The drumline is actually wearing a different type of headwear than the rest of the corps proper. Not incredibly uncommon, but just noticed it. 
  • Also one of the first, if not the first, show we've seen today without a significant prop showing on the field. 
  • Hornline putting in WORK on that front sideline. Some quick feet are needed for that set. 
  • A lot of front ensemble moments showing the prowess of those front ensemble members. 
  • Getting lots of old school Madison vibes from this show. Parts of it, visual and musical, just make you remember some of Madison's past of entertaining the crowd and focusing on loud impressive songs. 
  • Exactly like this, the fleur-de-lis into a company front. 
4:30 PM - Jersey Surf - Camden County, NJ
  • This tide rolling in bit, a great way to get the corps onto the field for a water-themed show. 
  • The ombre uniform is another good design choice. It's pretty flattering on everyone as well, even if it's a pretty classic look. 
  • They do a great job hiding those props behind the "tide" on the front side before they're used. A complete surprise if you don't know it's coming. 
  • The Jersey Surf "surf's up" hand signal just makes you smile. It has to. 
  • One of our first ending changes of the day! They disappear into the surf. So fun. 

Taking another quick intermission here. Looks like we'll be back with the Colts in just a few short minutes at 4:50. Making up for that break we took earlier for Jersey Surf. 

4:50 PM - Colts - Dubuque, IA
  • Looks like a few glimmering additions to the front of those large black drapes for the Colorguard were added to add to the hell element. 
  • Cool visual effect with the drumline breaking through the middle of the hornline there, moving towards the back of the field. 
  • Nice job, trumpets. It's difficult working on timing that far apart and that exposed. 
  • Special shout out to the synth player for that piano piece too. They don't get enough love for the work that they do. If a synth player makes a mistake, EVERYONE notices. 
  • Beautiful weaving final set too, as they bring everything center and an icy wave across the field. 
5:07 PM - Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
  • Home show team! Can't wait to see how they'll throw down. As mentioned earlier today, they've been trading back and forth with the Phantom Regiment. Can they push ahead at their home show? 
  • Nice start from the colorguard and hornline both. Some movement from both moving into a quick bit of flag work from the colorguard, using some slightly translucent flags. 
  • The stage isn't just used as a stage, they use it within the drill as a piece of the field, making it more usable than it would be otherwise. Plus it brings the front ensemble more onto the field if you will. 
  • Brightening up the field and the show with a lot of white and bright colors now. The neon underground is bringing in the neon now. 
  • And even more colors for uniform #3 of the show. 
  • As soon as you leave, the party's over. An energetic and fun run from today's home team. 
5:24 PM - The Academy - Tempe, AZ
  • Using the focal point of the bridges, with the hornline continuing onto the right and the colorguard to the left created a nice effect. 
  • That's still a LOOOOOOT of trombones. 
  • A beautiful ballad here, a great solo, a little love for the lot brass and front ensemble. 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' has been played a lot throughout drum corps history, and will even be played again tonight. 
  • Tons of energy and drive from the whole corps to bring this one to a close. 
  • Can this keep the Academy above the Colts tonight? 
  • Now that they're doing this on-field interview with the Academy's DM, you can tell that the printed design on their uniform is a bridge! From afar it just looks like a printed criss-cross design. 
5:41 PM - Crossmen - San Antonio, TX
  • Here come the valkyries, getting ready to take the field.
  • The Crossmen, and their colorguard have got to have some of the best uniforms this year. They're so in character. 
  • Some tasty lines coming straight from the bass player in the front ensemble too. Keep an eye out for his performance throughout the show. 
  • And the guitarist, too. 
  • What an intense drum feature that EVERYONE gets to take part in. Every performer, even people in the stands. 
  • Bows and axes in addition to the traditional colorguard equipment, Love it. 
  • Wild performance from the drum major too. Probably the show with the most energy so far today. 
5:58 PM - Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL
  • From one show on powerful women, to another. 
  • It's just painful watching them go after Joan like that at the beginning of the show. You feel for the character. 
  • And we make the uniform change to the brown instead of the black, during Fire of Eternal Glory... with an interruption from the percussion 
  • Joan always standing her ground, being sure of herself. And back to Fire.
  • A classic from Phantom. Hard to not get goosebumps. 
  • Of course, you've gotta end it with the Chevron and Joan burning at the stake. 
6:15 PM - Mandarins - Sacramento, CA
  • While I'm sure the hand drums create a lot of off the field problems, they have such a fun effect on the show. 
  • Mandarins rifles are spot on during that whole bit of rifle work. So good. 
  • The design of this show, especially in regards to the storytelling, is incredibly well done. 
  • Here we go drums, run the intruder right off the field. 
  • Anyone else get super nervous when you watch performers climb props? 
  • Yet another wild ride of an ending. Will it bring them ahead of the Cadets? 
6:32 PM - Intermission

7:22 PM - Blue Stars - La Crosse, WI
  • And we're back with the Blue Stars! Hoping to maintain their lead over the Cadets from yesterday. 
  • A lot of moving going on still right off the bat from both the colorguard and the hornline
  • Some sweet runs in the front ensemble helping to pick up the pace of the show, sounding great at the season goes on. 
  • Say what you want about using microphones on soloists, it just can make the staging so much cooler when they're not tethered to the front sideline. 
  • Sweet moment there from the bassline, leading up into the quad feature. 
  • YES rifles. Such a great moment. 
  • Super well put together show again from top to bottom. Fun and easy to understand. 
7:39 PM Blue Knights - Denver, CO
  • Back to back Blue's! And after this, we still have two more to go! 
  • BK has had such unique shows over the last few years and this one is no different. 
  • The use of the small mirrors is a nice touch. 
  • Nice job colorguard guys with the feature at the center of the hornline. Great staging to bring the eye in and then executed well. 
  • Beautiful spread-out set here, giving all of the focus to the music and the guard.
  • Want to throw a quick shout out to this front ensemble, they've been holding down this show incredibly well. 
7:56 PM - The Cadets - Allentown, PA
  • Tonight the Cadets are fighting to make it back into the top 8. They are currently sitting in 9th with other corps nipping at their heels. 
  • Now that the queen is gone, there will be anarchy! 
  • Cadets drumline throwing down, as per usual. 
  • There's that second 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' bringing unity to this divided story
  • The running in and out of the bridges creates this sort of vortex infinity that is echoed by the 'Do Better' audio and the drumline and it just warps your mind for a second
  • Seemed like a bit different of an ending than I remember seeing last weekend. Can it help them pull ahead? 
8:13 PM - Carolina Crown - Fort Mill, SC
  • Crown wasting no time with the build-up, easily the best and loudest hornline we've heard so far today
  • 'The detail in the pattern is movement' definitely a lot of movement to be keeping an eye on right now. 
  • Did you see the shapes changing constantly within the drill? Absolutely wild.
  • Just noticed that the front ensemble was facing backfield and letting the hornline carry the ballad. But they're picking it back up again
  • Sweet Golden Ratio spiral set, matching all of the props. 
  • Company front to start the final push! And a crown set, that always needs to be there. Sends the crowd over the moon!
8:30 PM - Boston Crusaders - Boston, MA
  • And next up we have the Giants taking the field!
  • What an incredible visual, with the hornline making a Goliath out of their bodies on the prop
  • There's a lot to take in here, but try to keep an eye on the colorguard. They won the colorguard caption last year and are a favorite for it again this year
  • Some great drum feature bits leading into 'My Shot's' end
  • YIKES those splits
  • The snares have the best drill, getting to sit and play on those props. 
  • The visual of taking Goliath down with the slingshot, that's actually a rifle, is so well visualized
  • AND they got some conquest shots in there. 
8:47 PM - The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL
  • Another trombone feature, but every single one of them has added some musicality and effect to each show
  • Great splits coming from Cavaliers bass too
  • The hornline creating the tracks is a beautiful visual moment.
  • Gotta send some love to the front ensemble too, the Cavaliers front ensemble is known and respected highly. They just have a certain flair and sound that is different from any other. And everything they play is so crisp.
  • The barrels are such fun props to roll around and use
  • I love when performers just fall down at the end of their show. In my imagination, they were able to just give that much more because they got to take a 5-second rest. It doesn't make much sense, but hey! 
9:04 PM - Blue Devils - Concord, CA
  • In first place as of last night, taking the field, are the Blue Devils!
  • That opening will never get old, coming out from behind the doors
  • Blue Devils high brass feature, always a pleasure to listen to them play and end with a screaming high note
  • Every time I watch BD's guard I am mesmerized
  • And it still blows my mind how those props can change so quickly and easily.
  • The tap shoes on the "wall" is pretty cool, and they do a good job too. 
  • An absolute blast to watch. INcredible. Thank you, Blue Devils!
9:21 PM - Bluecoats - Canton, OH
  • The Bluecoat's uniforms just make everyone in the corps look so... cool. But that's kinda the point. They are emulating the Beatles after all. 
  • The cacophony going into the first hit makes it seem all the better
  • The characterizations of all of the songs are incredible too. The embodiment of those songs as a person is just spot on. 
  • So fun to listen to a show where you know all of the songs, and from a pop perspective, not a technical one. 
  • The cheeky throwbacks are probably the best part. 
  • It just feels like it ends too soon. I wish it kept going for longer
9:38 PM - Santa Clara Vanguard - Santa Clara, CA
  • The last one of the night before the encore, SCV!
  • It appears that they've ditched the biggest center tarp for their show, it did glare quite a bit, I wonder if that's why
  • The SCV drumline has been one of the best for years, and this year is no different, there have already been several moments designed to feature them specifically
  • The two brass pods sound incredible, wow.
  • One of the cool things about the show being about counter-culture is some of the hair coloring and styles as well as the makeup. Lots of alternative styles
  • Loving the hip-hop elements of dance from the colorguard as well
  • Every single member pushing to the end, you saw it in every single close up! 
9:55 PM - Encore - Spirit of Atlanta
  • The corps treated us to their corps song 'Georgia on my Mind'
10:12 PM - Scores Announced

1.  Bluecoats - 93.763

2. Blue Devils - 93.638

3. Santa Clara Vanguard - 93.250

4. Carolina Crown - 91.588

5. Boston Crusaders - 90.675

6. Cavaliers - 90.613

7. Blue Knights - 87.175

8. Blue Stars - 86.913

9. Cadets - 85.95

10. Mandarins - 85.05

11. Crossmen - 84.213

12. Phantom Regiment - 83.725 

13. Spirit of Atlanta - 82.4

14. Academy & Colts - 79.875

16. Pacific Crest - 79.25

17. Madison Scouts - 77.1 

18. Troopers - 76.275

19. Genesis - 73.55

20. Music City - 73.25

21. Jersey Surf - 71.15

22. Seattle Cascades - 69.225

All Age Division

Carolina Gold - 70.2 

Sound Sport 

Silver Medal -  Sonus Brass Theater - 78.67

It's been a blast live blogging again tonight! You can catch another live stream tomorrow night here on FloMarching with NightBEAT up in Winston-Salem, NC at 6pm.