2019 WGI Perc/Winds World Championships

Scores & Schedule For 2019 WGI Perc Open/World Finals

Scores & Schedule For 2019 WGI Perc Open/World Finals

Here are the leading scores and the full schedule for Saturday's 2019 WGI Percussion World Championship finals for Open and World Class.

Apr 13, 2019 by Andy Schamma
Scores & Schedule For 2019 WGI Perc Open/World Finals

Here are the leading scores and the full schedule for Saturday's 2019 WGI Percussion World Championship finals for Open and World Class.

First, the scores from Friday's semifinals at UD Arena and Nutter Center.

World Class Finalist Scores & Differentials

Scholastic World
1Chino Hills HS (Chino Hills, CA)96.788
2Arcadia HS (Arcadia, California)95.8750.913
3Dartmouth HS (Dartmouth, MA)94.8131.062
4Avon HS (Avon, IN)94.1130.700
5Ayala HS (Chino Hills, CA)93.0751.038
6Burleson Centennial HS (Burleson, Texas)93.0630.012
7Etiwanda HS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)92.5500.513
8Homestead HS (Cupertino, CA)90.3632.187
9Franklin Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)90.2880.075
10Petal HS (Petal, MS)89.7380.550
11Lebanon HS (Lebanon, OH)89.0130.725
12Center Grove HS (Greenwood, IN)87.6751.338
13Milton HS (Milton, GA)87.5500.125
14South County HS (Lorton, VA)84.9252.625
15Walled Lake Central HS (Walled Lake, MI)84.7880.137
Independent World
1Broken City (Lake Elsinore, CA)98.225
2Pulse Percussion (Westminster, CA)97.5250.700
3Music City Mystique (Nashville, TN)96.9750.550
4Rhythm X (Dayton, OH)96.7750.200
5RCC (Riverside, CA)95.5251.250
6Matrix (Akron, OH)93.4752.050
7Monarch Independent (Houston, TX)92.6880.787
8POW Percussion (Jurupa Valley, CA)91.5751.113
9George Mason University (Fairfax, VA)91.4750.100
10Infinity (Orlando, Florida)91.0630.412
11Dark Sky Percussion (Chino, CA)90.5250.538
12United Percussion (Camden County, NJ)89.8380.687
13Cap City Percussion (Columbus, OH)89.6630.175
14STRYKE Percussion (Palm Beach, FL)88.3751.288
15Atlanta Quest (Atlanta, GA)87.9250.450

Open Class Finals Scores

Scholastic Marching Open
1Sparkman HS ( Harvest, AL)96.200
2Clear Brook HS ( Friendswood, TX)96.050
3Norwalk HS ( Norwalk, CT)95.100
4Fair Lawn HS ( Fair Lawn, New Jersey)93.925
5Los Alamitos HS ( Los Alamitos, CA)93.350
6Fountain Valley HS ( Fountain Valley, CA)92.450
7Plainfield HS ( Plainfield, IN)92.338
8Plymouth Canton Community Schools ( Canton, MI)91.938
9Irondale HS ( New Brighton, MN)89.650
10Arcadia HS ( Arcadia, California)89.575
11Victor J. Andrew HS ( Tinley Park, IL)89.275
12Central Lafourche HS ( Mathews, LA)88.413
13Belleville East HS ( Belleville, IL)87.713
14Choctawhatchee HS ( Fort Walton Beach, Florida)87.325
15Trumbull HS ( Trumbull, CT)86.938
Independent Marching Open
1Bakersfield College (Bakersfield, CA)96.725
2Matrix Open (Akron, OH)96.138
3Spirit Winter Percussion (Orleans, MA)95.638
4Infinity 2 (Orlando, FL)95.363
5Liberty University Indoor Drumline (Lynchburg, VA)93.538
6Triple Crown (Lexington, KY)92.800
7UTSA (San Antonio, TX)92.763
8Civitas Independent (Rock Hill, SC)92.688
9Rhythmic Force Percussion (Austin, TX)91.738
10Red Wave Indoor (Fresno, CA)91.425
11Ancient City Ensemble (Trenton, FL)91.163
12FIU Indoor Percussion (Miami, FL)87.575
13Violet Crown Independent (San Antonio, TX)86.488
14IMPACT Percussion (Kennewick, WA)86.475
15Gold Indoor Percussion (Oceanside, CA)85.750

Full Schedule - UD Arena

Scholastic Marching Open

Trumbull HS9:00 AM
Belleville East HS9:10 AM
Choctawhatchee HS9:20 AM
Victor J. Andrew HS9:30 AM
Central Lafourche HS9:40 AM
Irondale HS9:50 AM
Plymouth Canton Community Schools10:00 AM
Break10:10 AM
Arcadia HS10:20 AM
Fountain Valley HS10:30 AM
Plainfield HS10:40 AM
Fair Lawn HS10:50 AM
Los Alamitos HS11:00 AM
Norwalk HS11:10 AM
Clear Brook HS11:20 AM
Sparkman HS11:30 AM
Break11:40 AM

Independent Marching Open

FIU Indoor Percussion11:55 AM
Gold Indoor Percussion12:05 PM
IMPACT Percussion12:15 PM
Red Wave Indoor12:25 PM
Rhythmic Force Percussion12:35 PM
Ancient City Ensemble12:45 PM
Civitas Independent12:55 PM
Break1:05 PM
Liberty University Indoor Drumline1:25 PM
Triple Crown1:35 PM
Matrix Open1:45 PM
Infinity 21:55 PM
Violet Crown Independent2:05 PM
Spirit Winter Percussion2:15 PM
Bakersfield College2:25 PM

Scholastic Marching World

Walled Lake Central HS5:00 PM
South County HS5:11 PM
Milton HS5:22 PM
Center Grove HS5:33 PM
Lebanon HS5:44 PM
Petal HS5:55 PM
Franklin Central HS6:06 PM
Homestead HS6:17 PM
Break6:28 PM
Etiwanda HS6:40 PM
Burleson Centennial HS6:51 PM
Ayala HS7:02 PM
Avon HS7:13 PM
Dartmouth HS7:24 PM
Arcadia HS7:35 PM
Chino Hills HS7:46 PM
Break7:57 PM

Independent Marching World

Atlanta Quest8:10 PM
STRYKE Percussion8:21 PM
Cap City Percussion8:32 PM
United Percussion8:43 PM
Dark Sky Percussion8:54 PM
Infinity9:05 PM
George Mason University9:16 PM
POW Percussion9:27 PM
Break9:38 PM
Monarch Independent9:50 PM
Matrix10:01 PM
RCC10:12 PM
Rhythm X10:23 PM
Music City Mystique10:34 PM
Pulse Percussion10:45 PM
Broken City10:56 PM