Andy's Picks: Bottom 6, Still Top Picks

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If you didn't read the first edition of this, check out my "Top 6, Top Picks" article to see which corps I picked for my favorite shows from 1st to 6th place at DCI World Championships!

Now let's take a look at my favorite shows that have earned 7th to 12th place during the DCI Summer Tour. Just like I explained in the previous article:
I will be picking my favorite performance that's earned each placement from first to sixth, biases and all. The shows I pick will not be in order of preference from most to least, but in order of the placement they received Finals night.

I'm sure you may disagree with my selections, but I believe the best way to introduce new members of the community is to just give them a list of incredible drum corps shows to enjoy. And that's my point here, there are incredible corps from first to twelfth, from 13th to 25th and 26th on.

7th - Santa Clara Vanguard 2010 "Bartok"

The mesmerizing drill of this show really drew me into Santa Clara Vanguard early on. During this one moment of the show, the hornline is weaving in and out of the color guard within 5 yards of space and they made something very difficult look very easy.

8th - Boston Crusaders 2011 "Revolution"

Boston Crusaders performed "Can You Hear The People Sing" before it was mainstream! I was hooked as soon as the whistle solo started in the beginning and went straight into the corps singing.

9th - Madison Scouts 2013 "Corps of Brothers - 75 Years of Survival"

Such an incredibly emotional show to watch. After finishing my rookie year of drum corps with the Glassmen in 2012, the drum corps unfortunately went bankrupt leaving a lot of very talented performers needing a new home. Many of my closest friends found that new home with the Madison Scouts in 2013.

10th - Blue Stars 2017 "Star Crossed"

From the first moment I saw it at the DCI Spring Training Finale, the first DCI event FloMarching ever streamed, Blue Stars grabbed my heart for 2017. Using music selections from two of my favorite films "Moulin Rouge" and "The Great Gatsby" was an easy way to win me over, this has quickly become one of my favorite shows ever.

11th - Blue Stars 2011 "ReBourne"

I saw this show in the early season and was immediately drawn to the muted trumpets and the tenor solo on the stage. This show was one of the first times I saw a corps use props that legitimately made me worried for the performers but the way they used the tall scaffolding was simple and impressive.

12th - Crossmen 2012 "Fragile"

Having marched Glassmen in 2012, we initially thought Crossmen would be within striking distance but as they started massively outscoring us, it was impossible not to fall in love with this show. It ended up that two years after this, my seat partner for the 2014 season at Bluecoats had marched in Crossmen 2012. 

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