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BREAKING: Boston Crusaders Announce 2024 DCI Production, 'Glitch'

BREAKING: Boston Crusaders Announce 2024 DCI Production, 'Glitch'

Here's everything you need to know about the Boston Crusader's 2024 production titled, 'Glitch'. The 2024 Drum Corps International season begins on June 26

Jun 2, 2024 by Natalie Shelton
BREAKING: Boston Crusaders Announce 2024 DCI Production, 'Glitch'

As we get nearer to the official start of the 2024 Drum Corps International season, another ensemble has announced its 2024 DCI summer program; the Boston Crusaders. The Massachusetts-based ensemble proudly announces its 2024 program, 'Glitch.' Check out the teaser trailer below:


In their own words:

The 2024 Boston Crusaders are pleased to present: Glitch - Embrace the imperfection. The art of accidental or intentional malfunction creates a wonderfully unique experience and identity.

Boston's show announcement trailer - while showcasing and playing with the idea and meaning of the word 'glitch' - reveals the song selections that the Crusaders will be playing this summer. The repertoire includes the following musical selections: 

  • Shaker Loops by Jon Anderson and John Adams
  • G-Spot Tornado by Frank Zappa
  • Orchestral Suite No.2 by J.S. Bach
  • Take-Five by Dave Brubeck
  • True Colors by Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg, and Saunder Choi
  • State of Independence by Jon Anderson
  • Worm Hole by Ryan George, Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, and Mike Zellers (original)

Head over to the Boston Crusaders website for more in-depth information about 'Glitch!'

The Boston Crusaders are returning to the competitive field for 2024 after making a splash with their 2023 program titled, 'White Whale.' The Crusaders finished 4th at last year's DCI World Championship Finals competition after earning a 96.925.

Interested in catching a performance of 'Glitch' this summer? Check out the full Boston Crusaders summer tour schedule below and purchase your tickets to a show over on DCI's website.

Also be sure to follow Boston on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and keep up to date with all things Boston Crusaders on their website.