picture of 2021 WGI Virtual Finals

Completed, Apr 17-18

Welcome to the 2021 WGI Virtual Finals event hub! Performance videos will be published to this page starting at 9 AM ET on April 17. Tune in LIVE to the WGI Virtual Season Awards Ceremony on April 18 at 5 PM ET. Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!

Check out the full results for the 2021 WGI Virtual Finals from Sunday, April 18th.




Alexis Acosta

Jenna Arieux


Emory Barrios

Ryan Bender

Sarah Benton

Natalie Blair

Mckenzie Blair

Sarah Brase

Isabella Byers

Lauren Byrne (Flag)

Lauren Byrne (Rifle)

Lauren Byrne (Sabre)

Jimmy Carotenuti (Flag)

Jimmy Carotenuti (Rifle)

Jimmy Carotenuti (Sabre)

Ken Carter

Jenna Cook

Kaylah Cooper

Preston Coppage

Kearston Costello

Edyn Curry

Emma Drown

Joel Dube

Serena Estrada

Emi Fantini

Cecilia Fenton

Christopher Garcia

Ruben Garcia

Hannah Givens

Maela Gonzales

Nicole Grinberg

Cheyanna Griswold

Mackenzie Hathaway


Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Hoy

Chloe Johnson

Acacia Jurkowski

Elizabeth King

Kaylea Lewis


Gavin Martin

Jordan Martz

Kate Mytchak

McKenzie Nelson

Tamia O'Bella

Alyssa Olafson


Lily Pedersen


William Peters

Natalie Price

Rayna Quentin


Elizabeth Roda


Amberlin Sansom

Sarah Solomon

Alana Stephenson

Tyson Stevenson

Robert Strobos (Mixed Equipment)

Robert Strobos (Movement)

Katherine Taylor

Lee Torrez

Jossie Tracy

Melina Tyson

Amelia Ulasiewicz


Cathleen VanBuren

Olivia Vizzard

Rae Ware

Brenlee Whitfield

Natalie Wilson

Brandy Winkle

Katy Wright


Small Ensembles

Abington HS Indoor Guard

Alpha Cubed

Calhoun Middle School Color Guard

Cedar Park Middle School



Coronado Purple

Dobyns Bennett Small Ensemble 5

Edwardsville Duet 1

Fairfield Small Ensemble

Fayetteville High School Winter Guard

First Baptist Academy Regal

Hamilton Small Ensemble

ICT Independent Red

Jenks Highschool Small Ensemble - Abigail & Talia

Junior Bertuah Color Guard

Kings HS

Little Elm High School- Blue

Mackenzie Hathaway's Group

Mars Small Ensemble

Pride of Cove Color Guard

Puerto Rico Royalty Winterguard

Ranchview HS Winterguard

Safe & Sound

The Norse Performing Arts Society 2

The Okies


Walden Grove HS Winterguard

White Knoll High School Varsity

Young and Beautiful


Group Competitive

Alta Marea Winterguard

American Fork HS

Bastrop HS

Bearcat Winter Guard

Catawba Ridge HS

Cedar Park HS JV

Central Square HS

Divenire Winter Guard

E.D. White HS

Eden Prairie HS JV

Edge Independent

Eklipse A

Franklin Central HS A

Franklin HS (TN)

Frisco Centennial HS Varsity

Greenwood Community HS

Hebron HS JV

Ionic Independent Winter Guard

James E. Taylor HS

Legacy HS

Lockport Township HS


Mars Area HS

Mauldin HS Cadet

Mililani HS

Moe and Gene Johnson HS JV

Noblesville HS

Northview HS

Norwin Middle School




Purdue University

Round Rock Middle School

Sebastian River HS

South Florida Winterguard

South Grand Prairie HS

Sunlake HS

Tavares MS

The Collective

The Magnolia Project

The Woodlands HS

UCF Pegasus World

Via Colorguard

Warren Central HS



Frederic Bowen

Piper Click

Elizabeth Dahlberg

Liberty Frederickson

Ryan Glover

Kirsten Huffman

Panupong Lorsong

Roberto Morales

Madison Nguyen

Marianne Reid

Grant Sanford

Paratthakon Sithongbai

Maison Summers

Leona Vaughn

Alena Vitha

Kamila Vitha


Small Ensembles

Black Gold Europe (Mixed Equipment)

Black Gold Europe (Movement)

Clovis Elite

Coronado Independent

Dare Bertuah Color Guard

Dobyns Bennett Small Ensemble 1

Dobyns Bennett Small Ensemble 3

Dobyns Bennett Small Ensemble 4

Flushing Winter Guard

Hanford West Senior Guard Ensemble


Keller Central High School

Little Elm High School- Gold


Luminous Gems A

Luminous Gems B

Madison Southern High School

Melbourne Varsity

Red Oak Winter Guard- Small Ensemble

The Colony HS - Varsity



Group Competitive

Avon HS

Badger Middle School

Blue Springs HS Varsity

Center Grove HS


Laguna Creek HS

Lubbock-Cooper HS

McCullough Junior High Varsity

Milford HS (OH)


Spring ISD


Group NameClassificationScorePlacement
Edison HSScholastic Regional A Winds67.7503rd
Murrieta Valley HSScholastic Regional A Winds70.5002nd
Kent City HSScholastic Regional A Winds78.0001st

Carlisle HSScholastic A Winds77.00010th
Washington County HSScholastic A Winds77.2509th
Bellevue West HSScholastic A Winds80.5008th
Cary HSScholastic A Winds81.0007th
Anderson County HSScholastic A Winds83.7506th
Cleveland HSScholastic A Winds83.8755th
Grayson County HSScholastic A Winds84.7504th
Greenwood HSScholastic A Winds86.6253rd
Lake Minneola HSScholastic A Winds87.1252nd
Joshua HSScholastic A Winds90.5001st

Daviess County HSIndependent A Winds87.2501st

South Jones HSScholastic Open Winds82.75010th
Hillgrove HSScholastic Open Winds85.0009th
Mt. Juliet HSScholastic Open Winds85.1258th
Westfield HSScholastic Open Winds86.3757th
Lake Hamilton HSScholastic Open Winds86.7506th
Morton HSScholastic Open Winds88.5005th
Father Ryan HSScholastic Open Winds89.7504th
Miamisburg HSScholastic Open Winds91.3753rd
Jupiter HSScholastic Open Winds92.5002nd
Keller Central HSScholastic Open Winds93.7501st

Inertia Independent WindsIndependent Open Winds85.0002nd
Horizon WindsIndependent Open Winds86.7501st

North Hardin HSScholastic World Winds91.0004th
Greenfield Central HSScholastic World Winds91.2503rd
Cleveland HSScholastic World Winds95.2502nd
Avon HSScholastic World Winds97.5001st