picture of 2021 MAIN Virtual Event 4

Welcome to the 2021 MAIN Virtual Event 4 event hub! Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!


See the results of the 2021 MAIN Virtual Event 4 results from Sunday, March 14th.


Staged Multi-Equipment 19+Pegasus TooGood
Staged Multi-Equipment 14-18Monroe HS Mixed EnsembleGood

Robbinsville HSGood

Southern Regional Ensemble 4Excellent
Staged Flag 14-18Southern Regional Ensemble 5Fair
Standstill Multi-Equipment 13 & UnderSpring-Ford Middle SchoolGood
Middle SchoolHaddon Heights Middle SchoolExcellent

West Perry Middle SchoolExcellent
Independent NoviceEmpress WinterguardExcellent
Scholastic Regional AAppoquinimink HSExcellent

Avon Grove HSExcellent

Carolina Forest HSGood

Methacton HSGood

Pennridge HSExcellent

Sachem HSExcellent

West Perry HSExcellent
Scholastic ACouncil Rock South HSExcellent

Downingtown HSExcellent

Haddon Heights HSExcellent

Northern Valley HS at Old TappanGood

Radnor HSExcellent

West Milford HSExcellent
Scholastic OpenSouth Brunswick HSExcellent
Independent WorldLight WinterguardGood