picture of 2021 TCGC Virtual Solo / Ensemble 1

Jan 23

Welcome to the 2021 TCGC Virtual Solo/Ensemble 1 event hub! Click 'Read More' below to find more information on the schedule, the entire 2021 season, and some of the other virtual events coming to FloMarching this winter!

View the results for the 2021 TCGC Virtual Solo / Ensemble 1 competition on FloMarching.


NameRatingWatch Now
Evan FernandezDiv 1Watch now!
Gaby Salazar-MoralesDiv 1Watch now!
Haylie MatthisDiv 1Watch now!
Maggie MaddenDiv 1Watch now!
KCG Royal- DanielleDiv 1Watch now!
Maela GonzalesDiv 1Watch now!
Molly TyreeDiv 1Watch now!
Tamia O'BellaDiv 1Watch now!
Amira KazzazDiv 1Watch now!
Ana SmithDiv 1Watch now!
Genesis MoralesDiv 1Watch now!
Abby DornbushDiv 1Watch now!
Meredith TyreeDiv 1Watch now!
Priya ChandraniDiv 1Watch now!
Raegen FreemanDiv 1Watch now!
Sarah Kate PrattDiv 1Watch now!
Micaela DerryDiv 2Watch now!
GRHS Solo Audrey RingDiv 2Watch now!
Abby BrownDiv 2Watch now!
Elizabeth AndersonDiv 2Watch now!
Selina culpDiv 2Watch now!

"Bulletproof"Div 1Watch now!
Davenport HS Ensemble GrayDiv 1Watch now!
"Burn"Div 1Watch now!
Hannah and Serenity Cy fallsDiv 1Watch now!
In WonderDiv 1Watch now!
The Stinky Stormy Squad- Stephanie, Ellei, JasmineDiv 1Watch now!
"Christmas Day"Div 2Watch now!
Arame and cassandra’s harry styles clubDiv 2Watch now!
Mya, Nellie, PriscillaDiv 2Watch now!