picture of 2020 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional - Avon HS

Completed, Feb 15 - 16, 2020

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See the results from the 2020 WGI Guard Indianapolis Regional on February 15-16. WGI.org for more.

2020 WGI Guard Indianapolis Finals

Scholastic Regional A
1Hempfield HS (Greensburg, PA)80.820I
2Northwestern HS (Kokomo, IN)74.320II
3Columbus North HS (Columbus, IN)71.860II
Independent Regional A
1Montgomery County United (Crawfordsville, IN)64.900-
Independent A
1Purdue University Winter Guard (West Lafayette, IN)74.760-
2Collage (Akron, OH)72.100-
3Odin Winter Guard (Detroit, MI)70.680-
4Black Diamond Independent (Cincinnati, OH)70.280-
Scholastic A
1Franklin Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)83.400I
2Middletown HS (Middletown, OH)79.770I
3Goshen HS (Goshen, IN)79.190I
4Adlai E. Stevenson HS (Lincolnshire, IL)77.200I
5Father Ryan HS (Nashville, TN)76.520I
6New Palestine HS (New Palestine, IN)76.230I
7Carmel HS A (Carmel, IN)75.330I
8Troy Athens HS (Troy, MI)72.820II
Scholastic Open
1Ben Davis HS (Indianapolis, IN)79.800I
2Decatur Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)77.800I
3Milford HS (OH) (Milford, OH)77.600I
4Centerville HS (Centerville, OH)74.700II
5Zionsville Community HS (Zionsville, IN)74.100II
6Homestead HS (Fort wayne, IN)72.800II
7Naperville Central HS (Naperville, IL)70.900II
8Carroll HS (IN) (Fort Wayne, IN)70.300II
9Hamilton Southeastern HS (Fishers, IN)66.500II
10Penn HS (Mishawaka, IN)66.200II
11Greenwood Community HS (Greenwood , IN)65.900II
Independent Open
1Allegiance (Dundee, IL)75.500-
2Top Hats (Pittsburgh, PA)75.200-
3Phoenix Independent (Sylvania, OH)73.200-
Scholastic World
1Avon HS (Avon, IN)82.900I
2Center Grove HS (Greenwood, IN)81.500I
3Carmel HS (Carmel, IN)79.300I
4Miamisburg HS (Miamisburg, OH)78.500I
5Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)76.700I
6Norwin HS (North Huntingdon, PA)74.600II
7Shenendehowa HS (Clifton Park, NY)70.700II
8Northview HS (Brazil, IN)69.300II
9Fishers HS (Fishers, IN)65.900II
10Bellbrook HS (Bellbrook, OH)59.200III
Independent World
1Onyx (Dayton, OH)82.100-
2Inspire (Indianapolis, IN)81.600-
3Lexis (Lexington, KY)73.700-
4Interplay (Grand Rapids, MI)69.300-

2020 WGI Guard Indianapolis Prelims

Independent A

1Purdue University Winter Guard (West Lafayette, IN)73.77
2Collage (Akron, OH)70.73
3Black Diamond Independent (Cincinnati, OH)69.77
4Odin Winter Guard (Detroit, MI)69.2
5One Light (Danville, IN)66.09
6Rangerettes (Cleveland, OH)66.06

Scholastic Open

1Ben Davis HS (Indianapolis, IN)76.9
2Decatur Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)76.4
3Milford HS (OH) (Milford, OH)75.9
4Centerville HS (Centerville, OH)73.2
5Homestead HS (Fort wayne, IN)71.4
6Zionsville Community HS (Zionsville, IN)70.7
7Carroll HS (IN) (Fort Wayne, IN)70.4
8Naperville Central HS (Naperville, IL)69.7
9Penn HS (Mishawaka, IN)67.8
10Hamilton Southeastern HS (Fishers, IN)66.7
11Greenwood Community HS (Greenwood , IN)65.6
12LaPorte HS (La Porte, IN)65.5
13Marian Catholic HS (Chicago Heights, IL)65.2
14Brownsburg HS (Brownsburg, IN)64.7
15Greenfield-Central HS (Greenfield, IN)59.3
Independent Open

1Allegiance (Dundee, IL)74.7
2Top Hats (Pittsburgh, PA)74
3Phoenix Independent (Sylvania, OH)71.9

Scholastic World

1Avon HS (Avon, IN)81.3
2Center Grove HS (Greenwood, IN)78.7
3Carmel HS (Carmel, IN)78.2
4Miamisburg HS (Miamisburg, OH)75.9
5Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)75.2
6Norwin HS (North Huntingdon, PA)73.1
7Shenendehowa HS (Clifton Park, NY)68.8
8Northview HS (Brazil, IN)67.5
9Fishers HS (Fishers, IN)64.9
10Bellbrook HS (Bellbrook, OH)59.1
Independent World

1Onyx (Dayton, OH)79.9
2Inspire (Indianapolis, IN)79.3
3Lexis (Lexington, KY)73.8
4Interplay (Grand Rapids, MI)69.7

2020 WGI Guard Indianapolis Semis (Scholastic A)

Scholastic A

1Franklin Central HS (Indianapolis, IN)84.9
2Middletown HS (Middletown, OH)82.26
3Goshen HS (Goshen, IN)81.57
4Father Ryan HS (Nashville, TN)80.88
5Adlai E. Stevenson HS (Lincolnshire, IL)79.86
6Carmel HS A (Carmel, IN)79.54
7New Palestine HS (New Palestine, IN)78.08
8Troy Athens HS (Troy, MI)76.38
9Westfield HS (IN) (Westfield, IN)75.12
10Ben Davis HS A (Indianapolis, IN)74.13
11Mooresville HS (Mooresville, IN)73.64
12Munster HS (Munster, IN)72.91
13Victor J. Andrew HS (Tinley Park, IL)72.43
14Jenison HS (Jenison, MI)71.45
15Southgate Anderson HS (Southgate, MI)71.09
16Plainfield HS (Plainfield, IN)69.76

2020 WGI Guard Indianapolis Prelims (Scholastic A & Regional A)

Scholastic Regional A

1Hempfield HS (Greensburg, PA)79.43
2Northwestern HS (Kokomo, IN)74.39
3Columbus North HS (Columbus, IN)73.19
4Fairfield Jr. Sr HS (Goshen, IN)71.79
5Brownsburg HS A (Brownsburg, IN)66.08

Independent Regional A

1Montgomery County United (Crawfordsville, IN)67.79
Scholastic A

Round 1

1Goshen HS ( Goshen, IN)78.08
2Father Ryan HS ( Nashville, TN)77.19
3Carmel HS A ( Carmel, IN)77.11
4New Palestine HS ( New Palestine, IN)75.21
5Southgate Anderson HS ( Southgate, MI)72.95
6Westfield HS (IN) ( Westfield, IN)72.8
7Evanston Township HS ( Evanston, IL)68.38
8London HS ( London, OH)67.46
9A.A. Stagg Combined Schools ( Palos Hills, IL)66.24
10Orleans Jr-Sr HS ( Orleans, IN)65.74
11Kaneland HS ( Maple Park, IL)56.96
Round 2

1Franklin Central HS ( Indianapolis, IN)80.45
2Adlai E. Stevenson HS ( Lincolnshire, IL)74.59
3Munster HS ( Munster, IN)73.31
4Jenison HS ( Jenison, MI)72.47
5Westland HS ( Galloway, OH)70.17
6New London HS ( New London, OH)67.21
7Downers Grove South HS ( Downers Grove, IL)67.04
8Franklin Community HS ( Franklin, IN)66.17
9Perry Meridian HS ( Indianapolis, IN)65.52
10Marquette HS ( Chesterfield, MO)63.94
Round 3

1Middletown HS ( Middletown, OH)80.22
2Troy Athens HS ( Troy, MI)74.54
3Ben Davis HS A ( Indianapolis, IN)73.85
4Victor J. Andrew HS ( Tinley Park, IL)73.71
5Mooresville HS ( Mooresville, IN)72.16
6Plainfield HS ( Plainfield, IN)71.59
7Hudsonville HS ( Hudsonville, MI)68.99
8Naperville North HS ( Naperville, IL)67.94
9Terre Haute South HS ( Terre Haute, IN)66.43
10Morris Community HS ( Morris, IL)64.17