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New Hartford JV Winterguard

Apr 2, 2021

New Hartford JV Winterguard: “Moments of Magic”

The New Hartford JV Winterguard is presenting there show “Moments of Magic”. With everything going on in today’s world, we have to celebrate the little things in life. With the little things brings us back to those moments in are life that were truly MAGICAL!

Staff and Design Team

Winterguard Director: Ryan Gerling
Winterguard Staff: Elizabeth Jennings, Katie Skelsky, Abigial Weaver and Sarah Vinette.
Winter Programs Director: Dan Fabbio

The New Hartford JV Winterguard thanks the New Hartford Central School District for its dedicated and continued support of education through music and the arts. The guard also thanks Mr. Daniel Fabbio and the New Hartford Marching Band Parents for their countless hours of volunteer work, which makes everything we do a reality.