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New Hartford Varsity Winterguard

Apr 9, 2021

New Hartford Varsity Winterguard: “When Words Fail, Music Speaks”

The New Hartford Varsity Winterguard is presenting their show “When Word Fail, Music Speaks”. Our world has been turned upside down with this pandemic. We have had to turn to many things to keep out minds positive through this tough time. When we think of the first thing we turn to too escape reality most turn to music. It is natural to put in our headphones or turn on the radio to find what some would say is their “happy place”. When we don’t have the words to get through tough times like these, we can always use music to express our feelings!

Staff and Design Team

Winterguard Director: Ryan Gerling
Winterguard Staff: Ryan Gerling, Brittany Wilcox, Sarah Vinette, Ryan Bronner, Ali Sivers and Scott Snell.
Winter Programs Director: Dan Fabbio

The New Hartford Varsity Winterguard thanks the New Hartford Central School District for its dedicated and continued support of education through music and the arts. The guard also thanks Mr. Daniel Fabbio and the New Hartford Marching Band Parents for their countless hours of volunteer work, which makes everything we do a reality.