picture of 2020 USBands DeMoulin Invitational

2020 USBands DeMoulin Invitational

The USBands virtual event series will include performances from across the country with everything from individual soloists to full-sized marching bands competing on their home turf. Don't miss the all-new Creative Class where rules don't exist—if you can make a musical performance out of it, you can do it.


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"Bushido" - West Milford Township H.S.

Oct 10, 2020

"Bushido 武士道" - West Milford H.S.

Mr. Matt Gramata & Dr. Brian McLaughlin - Directors

Arr. by Andrew Dressler & Michael Monacelli
Battery arr. by Roman Trujillo

Sakura Sakura - Traditional Japanese Folk Song

Way of the Warrior - Andrew Dressler, Michael Monacelli

Bookmarks from Japan: V. Evening Snow at Kambara - Julie Giroux

Marimba Spiritual - Minoru Miki

Sacred Sound / The Final Battle - Andrew Dressler, Michael Monacelli, Joseph Smolinski