2017 WGI Southwest Color Guard Power Regional

WGI Southwest Color Guard Power Regional
WGI Sport of the Arts is hosting one of the premiere color guard events in North Texas. Set in the Dallas suburb of Denton, the University of North Texas will play host to the WGI Southwest Color Guard Power Regional beginning March 18 with the first performances starting at 9:15AM (CST). With over 60 guards, including 40+ Scholastic A ensembles it's sure to be an unbelievable competition. Prelims will wrap around 8:50PM on Saturday, March 18, then on Sunday, March 19, the finals will get started at 8:30AM.

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All times are LOCAL to the event.

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The Magic Of Marcus H.S.

Mar 23, 2017 by Michael Gilley

In the marching arts, sometimes the shows themselves can get emotionally taxing and heavy for the performers. So, w...
Check out the preliminary schedule for the WGI Southwest Color Guard Power Regional

All times are LOCAL to the event


Color Guard Class Perform
The Woodlands HS SA 8:20 AM
McKinney HS SA 8:28 AM
Lamar HS SA 8:36 AM
Franklin HS - Focus SA 8:44 AM
Marcus HS SA 8:52 AM
New Braunfels HS SA 9:00 AM
Leander HS SA 9:08 AM
Forney HS SA 9:16 AM
Azle HS SA 9:24 AM
Break   9:32 AM
Pebble Hills HS SA 9:45 AM
James Martin HS SA 9:53 AM
Keller Central HS SA 10:01 AM
Dawson HS SA 10:09 AM
Keller HS Varsity SA 10:17 AM
Coppell HS SA 10:25 AM
Guyer HS SA 10:33 AM
Paris HS SA 10:41 AM
Allen HS Varsity SA 10:49 AM
Klein Oak HS SA 10:57 AM
Black Gold A IA 11:05 AM
CGT Fort Worth IA 11:13 AM
BriA Independent IA 11:21 AM
First Chapter IA 11:29 AM
Lunch   11:37 AM
Cedar Park HS SO 12:25 PM
Tompkins HS SO 12:34 PM
Wakeland HS SO 12:43 PM
Aledo HS SO 12:52 PM
Flower Mound HS SO 1:01 PM
Bentonville HS SO 1:10 PM
Jenks HS Open SO 1:19 PM
Eastlake HS SO 1:28 PM
Bellevue West HS SO 1:37 PM
Hendrickson HS SO 1:46 PM
Break   1:55 PM
ATX Winterguard IO 2:05 PM
Spirit Independent IO 2:14 PM
Americas Independent IO 2:23 PM
Industry Independent IO 2:32 PM
Class Break   2:41 PM
Marcus HS SW 2:45 PM
The Woodlands HS SW 2:55 PM
James Bowie HS (Austin) SW 3:05 PM
Lake Area Independent IW 3:15 PM
Redemption Guard IW 3:25 PM
Invictus IW 3:35 PM
Cypress Independent IW 3:45 PM
Black Gold IW 3:55 PM
CGT Dallas IW 4:05 PM
Finals Conclude   4:15 PM


Scholastic A
Round 1
Bellevue West HS JV 09:15 AM
Akins HS 09:23 AM
Bentonville HS 09:31 AM
New Braunfels HS 09:39 AM
North Garland HS 09:47 AM
Eastlake HS JV 09:55 AM
Clements HS 10:03 AM
Keller HS Varsity 10:11 AM
Brewer HS 10:19 AM
Dawson HS 10:27 AM
Break 10:35 AM
Round 2
El Dorado HS 10:50 AM
Allen HS JV 10:58 AM
Klein Oak HS 11:06 AM
Franklin HS - Focus 11:14 AM
Warren Central HS 11:22 AM
Klein Collins HS 11:30 AM
James Martin HS 11:38 AM
Pebble Hills HS 11:46 AM
Keller Central HS 11:54 AM
The Woodlands HS 12:02 PM
Class Break 12:10 PM
Independent A
Unity 12:15 PM
Black Gold A 12:23 PM
ATX A Winterguard 12:31 PM
Eagle Mountain Independent 12:39 PM
First Chapter Independent 12:47 PM
BriA Independent 12:55 PM
CGT Fort Worth 01:03 PM
Round 3
Weatherford HS 01:15 PM
Spring HS 01:23 PM
Bryan HS 01:31 PM
Leander HS 01:39 PM
Azle HS 01:47 PM
James Madison HS 01:55 PM
MacArthur HS 02:03 PM
Americas HS 02:11 PM
Guyer HS 02:19 PM
McKinney HS 02:27 PM
Marcus HS 02:35 PM
Break 02:43 PM
Round 4
Cedar Ridge HS 02:55 PM
Oak Grove HS (MS) 03:03 PM
Lamar HS 03:11 PM
Jenks HS A 03:19 PM
L.V. Berkner HS 03:27 PM
Coppell HS 03:35 PM
The Colony HS 03:43 PM
Forney HS 03:51 PM
Allen HS Varsity 03:59 PM
Westlake HS 04:07 PM
Paris HS 04:15 PM
Break 04:23 PM
Scholastic Open
Cedar Park HS 04:35 PM
Aledo HS 04:44 PM
Rouse HS 04:53 PM
Hendrickson HS 05:02 PM
Bellevue West HS 05:11 PM
Flower Mound HS 05:20 PM
Eastlake HS 05:29 PM
Jenks HS Open 05:38 PM
McNeil HS 05:47 PM
Tompkins HS 05:56 PM
Bentonville HS 06:05 PM
Wakeland HS 06:14 PM
Friendswood HS 06:23 PM
Class Break 06:32 PM
Independent Open
ATX Winterguard 06:40 PM
Spirit Independent from The University of Houston 06:49 PM
Industry Independent 06:58 PM
Americas Independent 07:07 PM
Class Break 07:16 PM
Scholastic World
Marcus HS 07:20 PM
The Woodlands HS 07:30 PM
James Bowie HS (Austin) 07:40 PM
Independent World
Redemption Guard 07:50 PM
Lake Area Independent 08:00 PM
CGT Dallas 08:10 PM
Cypress Independent 08:20 PM
Black Gold 08:30 PM
Invictus 08:40 PM
End Time 08:50 PM

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