2017 WGI Mid-Atlantic Color Guard Power Regional

WGI Mid-Atlantic Color Guard Power Regional
WGI Sport of the Arts is gaining steam towards the 2017 World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. But first up are a series of massive Power Regionals. In South Carolina, over 60 guards will gather to perform at Winthrop Coliseum at Winthrop University for the WGI Mid-Atlantic Color Guard Power Regional. Beginning at 10AM (EST) on Saturday, March 18, the preliminary round will run all day. Then on Sunday, March 19, the finalists guards will get started at 9:30AM.

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All times are LOCAL to the event.

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Check out the preliminary schedule for the WGI Mid-Atlantic Color Guard Power Regional

All times are LOCAL to the event.


Color Guard Class Perform
Dorman HS SA 9:30 AM
Clover HS SA 9:38 AM
Nation Ford HS SA 9:46 AM
Olympic HS SA 9:54 AM
Byrnes HS A SA 10:02 AM
Powhatan HS SA 10:10 AM
Summerville HS - A SA 10:18 AM
Easley HS SA 10:26 AM
Northwest Guilford HS SA 10:34 AM
A.L. Brown HS SA 10:42 AM
Break  10:50 AM
Hickory HS SA 11:05 AM
Corinth Holders HS SA 11:13 AM
River Bluff HS SA 11:21 AM
Fort Mill HS SA 11:29 AM
Northwest Cabarrus HS SA 11:37 AM
Southgate Anderson HS SA 11:45 AM
East Lincoln HS SA 11:53 AM
Cary HS SA 12:01 PM
Green Hope HS SA 12:09 PM
Black Diamond Independent IA 12:17 PM
Georgia State University IA 12:25 PM
JMU Nuance Winterguard IA 12:33 PM
Charles Towne Independent IA 12:41 PM
The District Independent IA 12:49 PM
Lunch  12:57 PM
Summerville HS SO 1:45 PM
Byrnes HS SO 1:54 PM
Cleveland HS SO 2:03 PM
Mill Creek HS SO 2:12 PM
Smithfield-Selma HS SO 2:21 PM
Marvin Ridge HS SO 2:30 PM
Legacy presented by Carolina Gold IO 2:39 PM
Stonewall Independent IO 2:48 PM
Paramount Open Winterguard IO 2:57 PM
Class Break  3:06 PM
Cape Fear HS SW 3:10 PM
Etude IW 3:20 PM
Paramount IW 3:30 PM
Finals Conclude  3:40 PM


Scholastic A
Round 1
Grass Field HS (withdrawn) 10:00 AM
Northwest Guilford HS 10:08 AM
North Lincoln HS 10:16 AM
Mount Pleasant HS 10:24 AM
Bandys HS
10:32 AM
Mooresville HS Varsity 10:40 AM
Byrnes HS - A 10:48 AM
Corinth Holders HS 10:56 AM
East Lincoln HS 11:04 AM
Break 11:12 AM
Round 2
Parkwood HS 11:25 AM
Dorman HS 11:33 AM
Olympic HS 11:41 AM
Central Cabarrus HS Varsity 11:49 AM
Northwest Cabarrus HS 11:57 AM
A.L. Brown HS 12:05 PM
Green Hope HS 12:13 PM
Providence HS 12:21 PM
Cary HS 12:29 PM
Break 12:37 PM
Round 3
Lambert HS 01:20 PM
D.W. Daniel HS 01:28 PM
Nation Ford HS 01:36 PM
Ashley Ridge HS 01:44 PM
River Bluff HS 01:52 PM
Easley HS 02:00 PM
Panther Creek HS 02:08 PM
Summerville HS - A 02:16 PM
Fort Mill HS 02:24 PM
Break 02:32 PM
Round 4
Woodgrove HS 02:45 PM
Cuthbertson HS 02:53 PM
Northgate HS 03:01 PM
Ardrey Kell HS 03:09 PM
Hickory HS 03:17 PM
Clover HS 03:25 PM
Southgate Anderson HS 03:33 PM
Mooresville HS JV 03:41 PM
Powhatan HS 03:49 PM
Jay M Robinson HS 03:57 PM
Class Break 04:05 PM
Independent A
Incipient Winterguard 04:10 PM
Revolutionary WinterGuard 04:18 PM
JMU Nuance Winterguard 04:26 PM
Black Diamond Independent 04:34 PM
Clemson Tiger Guard 04:42 PM
The District Independent Winterguard 04:50 PM
Georgia State University Winterguard 04:58 PM
Charles Towne Independent 05:06 PM
Gentoo 05:14 PM
Break 05:22 PM
Scholastic Open
Mill Creek HS 05:35 PM
Marvin Ridge HS 05:44 PM
Cleveland HS (NC) 05:53 PM
Smithfield-Selma HS 06:02 PM
Byrnes HS 06:11 PM
Summerville HS 06:20 PM
Independent Open
Stonewall Independent 06:29 PM
Legacy presented by Carolina Gold 06:38 PM
Paramount Open Winterguard 06:47 PM
Class Break 06:56 PM
Scholastic World
Cape Fear HS 07:00 PM
Independent World
Etude 07:10 PM
Paramount 07:20 PM
End Time 07:30 PM

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